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Stressed about wisdom tooth surgery!?

Im having all four wisdom teeth out in a little over a week and im super scared and nervous! Im not sure what to expect while im recovering from the anesthetic, im going to be knocked unconscious, im stressed because i live alone and im having a friend drive me to and from the dentists office,after that im on my own, am i going to be able to get out of bed and eat and take my pills? or will i just lay in bed and need to be woken up by someone?! i dont want to have anyone fussing over me...but am i going to need that? I just had my nails done too...are the doctors going to have to take off my nails? Im scared :(

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    hi! i just had all four taken out 6 days ago.

    i think they will have to remove your nails because they need to put a little clip on your finger to monitor your blood pressure or something. they made me remove my nail polish.

    the anesthesia was actually pretty cool. i don't like needles, but after that i was asleep, and when i woke up i didn't remember anything. the surgery part was not bad.

    you will regret not having someone to help you. my boyfriend helped me, because pain medication made me throw up all day, and i felt too bad to do anything myself. there will be a lot of bleeding the first day and you have to be very careful and keep changing the gauze so that a clot forms.

    after the first day it gets easier, i didn't take anymore pain pills (they made me have terrible nausea). i just took antibiotics, and i was fine. i ate chicken broth, ice cream, and instant mashed potatoes.

    the thing that bothered me the most was the taste and smell in my mouth. it is hard to clean it. you just have to drink a lot and deal with it, but after a few days you can fit a small brush in and gently clean the teeth. no gargling! you could dislodge the clot. cleaning your tongue also helps. and i bought a mouthwash without alcohol in it to gently rinse with.

    the food got really boring after a while, so try to have a variety prepared. and do not take your pills on an empty stomach! you will get nauseous!

    you should rent a lot of movies or books or a tv series because you will get bored.

    and your face will swell up and look really silly for a couple of days.

    but i am on the 6th day, like i said, and i have relatively no pain or swelling. i am getting my stitches out tomorrow. i am just still being careful because i don't want to risk getting dry socket, i hear that really hurts!

    Source(s): i requested to have all 4 out at once, because i didn't want to go through with it again! you can't eat much anyways, if your jaw is sore, so why prolong the agony? you will be happy it is over with!
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    ** Settle down you are working yourself up for nothing - everything will be fine. The hospital / Dentist will not let you leave until you are over the anaesthetic and no you will not be fussed over.

    Ask the surgery about your nails - you normally get given details from either the anaesthetist or surgery before your procedure - along with fasting details etc I just had an operation and the sheet stated that anyone with fake nails has to remove them so - it just depends on the place.

    Good Luck and settle down

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    I had 3 of my wisdom teeth removed at the same time and one of them the dentist had to cut into my gums and break the tooth apart to get it out. I woke up groggy and confused after the operation. But after the "rest period" or recovery time at the dentists office I was just tired. Let the dentist know that you will be on your own after your friend drops you off at home and make sure you get your "after care" instruction IN WRITING so you have them when you get home. I was told the instructions before and forgot half of them and ended up messing it up by drinking hot tomato soup. The heat or any heat for that matter (from smoking or any hot liquid in your mouth) can cause a dry socket. They hurt really bad but usually can be taken care of easily. Follow your dentists instructions to the T! When I got home I slept for a few hours and after that I was fine. You should be able to get out of bed and eat and drink on your own. If you've ever had general anesthetisa before it will probably be similar to how you were when you woke up then. The dentist shouldn't have to remove your nail for the O2 sensor or anything like that, they can even put that on your toe or ear... You shouldn't work yourself up over this... it's not that scary... I was all worked up too and I requested that my Dentist give me laughing gas before he started putting any needles in my arms or anything like that. (I really don't like needles) Call your dentist office and see if that is an option for you. As for the pain afterwards the pain medicine they give you helps a bunch! Don't play with your stitches too much with your tounge- I ended up losing one because I played with it too much... which wasn't the end of the world but it was a gross feeling to have a stitch on my tounge!

    Good Luck to you! No worries, you'll be fine!!

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    It is unusual for a dentist to pull all of them out at once! It is much better if you take the right ones first and then the left ones, (or the other way around) because it would be very difficult to eat afterwards, don't you think?

    Or maybe it is necesary for you due to the short time you have? My advice is to get them out in 2 sessions.

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    its no big deal. you'll recover in no time. the mouth heals very quickly. it's a minor procedure. i've had several teeth pulled. it not a big deal at all. your nails can stay on. and it doesn't hurt much after the first day. your pain pills will help numb it anyway. you'll probably be a bit sleepy and sore, but you'll be just fine!

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    why would the doctors take off your nail of course not one time one of my wisdom teeth got impacted now that reallly urt but youll be ok they will give you pain killers

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    Sorry to make it worst but it realy hurts, and you shouldn't fall for dentist scams, they are just gettin money from you. You dont need to have them pulled out but to late for that i guess, I hope the pains over shortly after

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    I had mine out its not as bad as you think it only takes an hour good luck! <---------- My dad said this...

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