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Abe Lincoln?

What was his position on slavery? How did it evolve over time?

What were the major changes, and the reasons for them? What impact did Lincoln's decisions have on the Union and it's war effort?

I'm just curious about the man.

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    Abraham Lincoln or "Honest Abe" was the 16th President of the United States of America. He was born in a one-room cabin in February 12, 1809 inHardin County, Kentucky. While he was growing up, he loved George Washington. On Oactober 5, 1818, his mother, Nancy Hanks Lincoln, died from milk sickness. His father married another woman named Sarah Bush Johnson on December 2, 1819. Lincoln, before he was president, was governor of Illinois. He married a woman named Mary Ann Todd. He was elected to presidency in 1860. Lincoln hated slavery. When he went to New Orleans with a friend, he saw a slave auction. He got mad at the thought that people were sold as property. He started the Civil War with the Confederate States of America. The war ended in 1866 and the Yankees won. Just two weeks later, Abraham Lincoln was assassinated at Ford Theater by John Wilkes Booth. John Wilkes Booth was from the South and hated Lincoln because he destroyed the Confederate States of America. He was officially dead April 15, 1865. Abraham Lincoln was a great president and a magnificent leader. His most famous speech was the Gettysburg Address.

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    Abraham Lincoln did not specifically come out saying that he agreed or dissagreed with slavery; although it was widely known at the time that he did not like slavery. His position on it was to free the slaves, but free them gradually, because the South's economy at the time revolved around the plantations and the slaves that worked on the plantations. For example, if there was a cotton plantation in lets say Georgia. The cotton picked by the slaves would be sent up North to a factory where it would be made into clothes or some other product; so the country needed slaves, but Lincoln didn't want the entire economy to crash.

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