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John and Jane Doe or Jane and John Doe?

I have heard two schools of thought on this issue from those who claim to be up on their etiquette.

1. John and Jane Doe

Because the man's name should come first.

2. Jane and John Doe

Because the man's first name should never be removed from his last.

Can any of you tell me which you have read/heard/learned to be correct, and also I would love to see some sort of reference for EITHER option.

I understand that the most formal version would be "Mr. and Mrs. John Doe." I am not seeking that information. I would just like to know when using both our first names and our shared last name in which order our names should appear.


Please provide an etiquette reference with your "votes."

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    The standard rule is John and Jane Doe or

    Mr. & Mrs. John Doe.

    If this a casual letter then you put the name of the person you are friends with first: Jane & John Doe

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    For formal events and formal events, that is Mr. and Mrs. John Doe. in case you don't understand them ok, nevertheless use the formal take care of, even for extraordinarily casual events. You take care of invites interior the formal, and also you introduce them formally. that is their move to then say, call us John and Jane. for extraordinarily casual events, like a outdoor community BBQ, and also you understand them ok, Jane and John is positive on the invite.If each person on the BBQ is well-known with them properly, you would possibly want to assert, the following is Jane and John!. previous college is the guy's call comes first. New college is the lady's call comes first. i love the lady's call first. She seems after the correspondence, often, and in my thoughts, females move first.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    John & Jane Doe because the man is far more superior!

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    I was always taught that the man's name goes first so #1 is my vote.

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  • krupsk
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    1 decade ago

    I believe the mans name should go first.

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    i think i've heard jane & john doe used more often

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