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Living near gas turbine power plant?

Hi, The ACT government is planning to build a gas fired power plant within 1km of a residential area. The 'study' has shown that there will no fumes to smell, no health effects and no noise above background noise. I would like to hear from people who live near gas turbine power plants - is the above really possible?


Yeh the 'Hume' cover up has worked a treat!

Update 2:

How noisey is background noise in Las Vegas. While here it is stated as 38db but in reality it is about 10?. There is nothing to hear at night. What is your guesstimate of real db North Las Vegas?

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  • Pat
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    1 decade ago
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    I work at a combined-cycle gas turbine power plant in the US (being bought out by an Australian company). It is in an area zoned industrial in the middle of a metropolitan area of 2 million people, and in the spring of 2009 a development company is building a market complex with 860 domestic units (some single resident houses, some townhouses, some apartments) right across the street.

    It is entirely possible to reduce the noise so that it is no louder than background noise outside of the property boundaries of the power plant, under normal operating conditions. If steam pressure relief valves lift (rare) there will be noise that you will be able to hear 1km away. This is not a hazard for the public.

    Since they are using natural gas as a fuel you will not smell anything. The emissions from burning natural gas is water vapor, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, and oxides of nitrogen (NOx). CO is reduced by the use of a catalyst in the exhaust gas path just like the catalytic convertor on a vehicle. NOx, a major component to smog, is reduced by injecting ammonia into the gas path upsteam of another catalyst converting NOx and the ammonia to N2 (78% of the air we breath) and water vapor.

    The ammonia used to reduce NOx is the only item of concern for the general public and we, the power plant, have engineering controls and procedures in place safely transferring ammonia and for dealing with an unplanned ammonia release.

    Not only do I work at this kind of power plant but I rent a house nearby and am building a house about 2 miles away. 4 of the 20 employees at this plant live within 3 miles, as do thousands of people who have no idea this plant exists. The plant is within 5 miles of the north end of the Las Vegas Strip.

    EDIT - The joint study of the power plant and developer has a background noise on the side of the common street where the residential buildings will be built at under 65db. That's not to say it is that loud but it is under that. The power plant does not add to that background noise at less than 30 metres away. If you have a background as low as you say you may be able to detect a background din. This is assuming they have the same engineering design that keeps my plant unassuming.

    Source(s): Power Plant Electrician
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  • eth
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    4 years ago

    A Nuclear ability Station may well be far extra useful by way of fact the earnings it would generate for the community inhabitants might a strategies outweigh the hazards. the long term strategists might probable agree that having such an amenity interior sight might additionally improve the skill / training ranges of the locals too. A Wind Farm with adequate generators to generate the comparable output as a nuclear ability station basically isn't attainable. So extremely you need to no longer evaluate the two. Wind Farms do have their place even with the undeniable fact that, ideally out interior the sea someplace, as those are undesirable to look at whilst there is extra then one.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Hi, I'm another local resident and just became aware of the scale of this massive power plant. Some details below:

    Initial study of the site location:

    The DA documentation:

    Apparently, this was published on the 11th April (very quietly - I had not become aware of this until the action group's meeting in Tuggeranong last night) and objections are required by 5th May.

    Got to act fast. My concerns are that the millions of cubic metres of exhaust fumes will affect my kids living with Asthma.

    Cheers, Dugald (Isaacs).

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  • 1 decade ago

    Not just possible but entirely true. Burning natural gas produces nothing but carbon dioxide and water vapour, both of which are colourless, odourless, non-toxic and environmentally benign.

    • co2 is not environmentally benign, ever heard of climate change?

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