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I want to get a job at Tractor Supply Company...?

Has anyone ever worked there,and what was your experience there?

* Did you enjoy it,and how much was your pay?

* Also what are the requirements to get a job there?


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  • 1 decade ago
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    I have never worked for Tractor Supply Co. I have worked for industrial fencing co., machine rental co. (renting forklifts, engine hoists, etc.-I liked the discount I got. I used a lot of that equipment.) & the largest environmental company in the world. (I handled the S.E. region of the electronics recycling division.) Besides my own personal life experience, I had no experience in these industries. However, I was hired on the spot at my interview for each of these jobs. Actually, I have been hired on the spot for every job I have ever had.

    At a tractor supply co., they are probally looking for sales people, clerical staff or just a pretty/handsome face to greet clients who show up in person. Typically, a supplier has a contract with their supplier to garuntee their products and supply a warantee. (I know my spelling sucks!!! Spell check on ANSWERS does not seem to work for me. My apologies!)

    My advice, sale yourself in the interview! It gets you the job, & shows that you are a great sales person! Remember, an interview is just as much for the company hiring, as it is for you. Ask questions. Why are they looking for a new person? Why is the person in that position before, no longer there? Why is their business a great place to work? How will it benefit you to work there? Ask the person/people interviewing you what was their favorite day, or favorite thing at their job there. Ask them, what was their worse day or experience there. Always remember that the interview is for the company, and for you!!!!

    Research the company online before your interview. Ask them questions about their website.

    If you really want to try it out, do the research & sell yourself in the interview. The worst things that can happen... You don't get offered the job; You try out the job, and is not for you. Either way, you have lost nothing.

    Good luck & best wishes love!!!!

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