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Is it okay to feed my bird cheez-its?

he seems to like it when im eating it and so i gave him a little taste and he seemed to like it. Is it ok to give it to him?

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    No chocolate, apple seeds, avocado, alcohol, salt, caffeine, dried beans, tomato leaves, mushrooms, onions or lettuce.

    And NEVER share your food that has been in your mouth. We have positive type bacteria, birds have negative (or vise versa-but opposite none the less) Don't let him eat off of your spoon, out of your bowl or cup etc. And if you kiss him/her only kiss them on top of the head. Our germs are extremely bad for them. Birds often carry illnesses for a LONG time before they die. Don't let anyone tell you that it is ok to do this. I used to do it. I used to suck the salt off of my chips...NO>>> don't. Also, you can give them any single ingredient (except those mentioned above) no processed foods.... think NATURAL. No chemicals, preservatives, etc.. just think how small their kidneys are.

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    I would think it's o.k but due to so many small sizes, consider it when u do give the treat, I would look it up through ingredients to find what type they can Not have in the ingredients but since cheez- its is a type of bread, a small amount would seem to be o.k but check with a vet with a call, I don't see why they wouldn't answer, just keep calling until someone does.

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    i could initiate by using examining the label to make certain what's in them. No it won't harm him till you're feeding universal and in great parts. If i anticipate there is salt (Sodium) then you certainly could evaluate that. Salt isn't a foul subject as some declare, because it has to hitch the on a regular basis weight loss plan. yet does could be saved to very small quantities. Manu Clay Lick is severe in sodium, for this reason it rather is different call Manu Salt Lick. As for cheese sure birds are lactose illiberal, so this sort of cheese is important. annoying cheese have little or no lactose, mushy cheese are severe in lactose. The enzyme's that make cheese and yogurt injury down lactose (sugars) with the aid of fact of this you could feed small quantities of annoying cheese and actual yogurt, and in actuality probiotic yogurt is a sturdy thank you to develop the reliable intestine bacteria after use of antibiotics.

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    yea i agree with the person below me =] i have 4 birds, 2 amizons, a conure, and 1 parakeet. i feed them all stuff i eat but not alot of it. just a little here and there and your bird will be fine. :)

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    Read the ingredients.

    No - do not feed junk food to your bird.

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    k but make it a very limited amount tmuch is not good. i'd say no more than 1-1 1/2 a day ok?? if you want more on this and whats ok for your birdie wirdie, contact his vet hope this helps:)

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    I wouldn't give my cockatiel too many cheezits if they have salt on them. I know cheezits have white crystal things on the top, so check the ingredients to determine whether they contain salt.

    either way, letting your tiel nibble on cheezits will not harm it, i just wouldn't put twenty inside the bird cage for him to eat.

    Oh, and remember that if you are sick, you can get your cockatiel sick if he/she goes in your mouth to get food.

    safe table foods:

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    sure i feed my birds anything if we eat it they do too try lots of different food watch mine loves potatoes don't give rice or chocolate

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    One or two as a treat, I think, is safe. My tiels love Cheezits!

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