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Can Pigeon Crap be used to fertilize my Veggie Garden?

Living in Arizona we have an abundance of pigeon **** all over. The side of my house they tend to have diarrhea so I am wondering if I can scoop it up and throw it in my garden as fertilizer.

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    Any sort of bird excrement is very high in nitrogen. The urea in it will burn the crap out of plants if it isn't well composted first,

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    It is a very rich fertilizer so you might want to compost. To remove any disease hazard, don't use it on any type of vegetable you might eat raw, like lettuce or carrots, use on flowers or vegetables you always cook like corn, beans, potatoes...

    Too much fresh manure can burn a plant so use sparingly in any one area.

    Source(s): "gardens for beginners"
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    Pigeon crap is to high in salts. The valley of the sun's soil already has to much salt.

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    You would want to compost it for a while first - might burn the roots of the plants if put on "fresh."

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  • Carl
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    I think you can use it. People use chicken poo and that is a bird too.

    Bird poo is very strong. So just remember that the pigeon poo is some strong sh___.

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    I'm not sure if you can, but I wouldn't suggest it as pidgeons have many nasty diseases. I wouldn't want to take the chance of it being passed through my food into me.

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