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Are there any ethics involved for those watching porn?

This is meant to be serious question. I really want to know if ANY morality plays a role in such things? Why do you think it hurts others if one watched it? Should it? Do ethics even matter here?

Help me figure this out.


Mystery meat: BE more insightful. I want a philophical answer....

Update 2:

I'm sorry, but most of you seem to be idiots.

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    Pornography is like abortion.

    If you want it, use it.

    If you don't want it, don't use it.

    But don't try to spoil it for everyone who does.

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    Some people don't like it and that is fine. Watching it or not watching is personal choice.

    Most of the people who are hurt by someone else watching is because they feel like they can't measure up or misunderstand why people watch it. Or maybe it becomes an obsession with them. Too much of anything is bad.

    Or maybe they were abused as a kid or had strict rules growing up. There are all sorts of reasons why people feel hurt when someone else watches it. Jealousy seems to be the biggest reason.

    As far as the porn itself goes unless it is something illegal or should be illegal like kiddie or beastiality or violent then I don't think it's so much ethics as it is taste.

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    Of course there are. There is ethics involved in everything you do. As always, it differs from situation to situation. For instance, watching child pornography is (according to the vast majority of people) morally wrong because it hurts the child. Personally, I don't see anything wrong with watching legal porn, even as a teenager. The arguments against legal porn are of the radical feminist and Christian variety, and it's up to you whether or not you think it's right to do.

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    It is a complicated topic. It is best to stay away from porn for various reasons. You never know what tomorrow may bring for you or anyone else because of you. You can ruin relationships. Create perversions for people who don't want them. Put unstable people in harms way. Ruin the desire for love and or lust. All things like this happen for various reasons all connected in some way to porn. Go read up on it at the library. Read up on rapists, x gays, pedophiles, and what not. Doctors viewpoints and what not.

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    Yeah, actually some ethics count.

    Don't let that (ectoplasm) wet the mat.

    It's not supposed to hurt others because that other person should have the choice of watching, And once again, the less chronic the person does it, the more he's gonna do it again. IOne should familiarize himself with gettin full of it, so that he'll tire of it, and eventually, retire of it. Let's rap.

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    frankly i don't see ANYTHING morally wrong or inethical about watching porn. The only problem i see is the possibility that women are possible mistreatment of porn stars. It's like not buying blood diamonds because you oppose the way it is procured. Not because there is something wrong with diamonds but because lots of lives are lost to get it to you and not buying it can decrease demand and therefore decrease the associated violence.

    But i see nothing ethically wrong or immoral about watching porn

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    yes, ethics involved in this too. mostly men watch this just because of the curiosity,temptation to comparison. teen aged want to know WHAT THIS know women watch this only after experiencing. they do not do before getting the real experience, they further want to learn more. Porn actors and actresses perform with professional touch. this will enlighten knowledge, though many things they perform can not be imitated as it requires professionalism. NO HARM AS LONG AS IT IS WITHIN YOU AND YOU ARE STEAMING OUT YOURSELF>DO NOT HARM ANY ONE AFTER SEEING THIS> then everything is fine.

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    so long as you know it's not real... knock yourself out.

    sorry, didn't intend to seem flippant.

    it's difficult to respond philosophically to your question, as most porn is viewed privately in the home where ethics really have no place. do ethics apply to our thoughts? i think not. moral judgement is a personal thing as well. they apply only to our interactions with other individuals. therefore, i stand by my original statement.

    publicly viewed porn, say in a theater or a live show by the same token fall under the umbrella of etiquette rather than ethics.

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    A lot of younger people watch it because they're curious about what sex is, what it looks like, ect. It's a trend man. people do it, and guys are kind of expected to do it even though it's tacky. depends on that persons beliefs. personally, when watching porn I think it makes you feel dirty. some people just don't care, but most classy people prefer not to. That's a tough question, it totally individual- different for everybody.

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