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Atheists, if you see "AM" in someones name, do you automatically give their answer a thumbs up?

Especially when someone asks a really dumb religious question toward atheists, and you automatically know you are going to approve of their answer.

And christians, are you responsible for all those thumbs down?


AY works too. Just watch out for the Agnostic Mafia. They don't know whether they should give a thumbs up or a thumbs down.

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    Well usually I do agree with them and so a thumbs up is warranted. However, having an "AM" doesn't mean that I will agree with them, and sometimes I don't. So if I don't agree then I won't thumb them up even with the "AM" in their name. I've seen some answers from people with "AM" in their name that I've thought were ridiculous. So more often I do thumb them up, but it isn't always the case. Actually even more often I won't thumb them up or down unless I strongly agree or strongly disagree, otherwise I will probably just leave it alone and neither thumb it up or down. I like to remain neutral unless persuaded positively or negatively.

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    Well, I never automatically give someone a thumb rating unless I read their answer.

    Also, I try to avoid thumbs down unless I find their answer highly, highly offensive or rude. If I don't like it or it's slightly offensive, I just leave it alone. If it's at least an honest attempt, I give it a thumbs up unless I'm lazy.


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    No. Just because they are involved in a group that uses a identifier doesn't mean their answers are going to be the same as my opinion. I don't automatically approve of someone's answers. That would be dogmatic. I read and if I think it is well thought out and expressed well, I'll give it a thumbs up, regardless of what letters they have after their name.

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    Probably. Religion is a big debate.

    I don't know what "AM" means but I conciously try not to judge people by thier beliefs. Most of it comes down to how one was raised anyway.

    I can't judge/rate yet, I only joined last week. And although I don't think I believe in God today (I really don't know), the only people I would rate down are those who are wrong with what they say (rubber tires is not the reason one is safe from lightening in a car and the gas will not catch on fire as one person stated) or who are offensive.

    Source(s): I'm not sure about god.
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    I really don't pay that much attention to people's names, although I do sometimes skim the first line of an answer and give it a thumbs up if they're atheists..

    Giving thumbs up is like smoking, except with less cancer and more carpal tunnel.

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    I hate to be such a wimp, but I've given thumbs down to both AMs and thumbs up to the syncretic Christian versions of it. All depends on the answer. Oh, an if I've had enough coffee yet.

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    No, I don't believe in the Atheist Mafia.

    I don't ever give a thumbs up without reading it thoroughly first, but I do give a lot of thumbs ups.

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    I am sparing with my TUs & TDs and use them only as I see fit in response to the question. I do not follow a party line or a leader. That is counter productive, and, in my opinion a waste of everyone's time....

    Source(s): IMHO
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    De Rerum Natura stole my answer... :)

    * this answer, by the way, should in no way be construed as an admission that I believe "De Rerum Natura's" mind and mine could even be seriously compared*

    Seriously - he's the man --- I just happen to agree with a great thinker this time around...

    Source(s): Note: De Rerum: No reason to look over your shoulder like that. I'm not kidding.
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    Nope. When I even do the thumbs thing, it's because it was a good or bad answer.

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