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ok so my friends and i always hav sleepovers and we play truth or dare. We love to do really dirty and sexy dares. tell me anything that you think would be good ideas. last time we told our friend to get naked and then we called my bf and then he came over and saw her. so if u have some really dirty and very sexy dares. thx<3

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    Truth or dare. If you want to try a different approach, have everyone write five questions for the truth jar and two dares for the dare jar. With a bunch of girls, the truth questions are usually more fun. Each person has to choose from one or the other until they are all gone. This is good for two reasons. First, you might draw your own dare so they aren't too crazy like run down the street naked or something ridiculous that no on will ever really do or can't be done without getting arrested. Second, it doesn't turn in to escalating dares that become ridiculous and then everyone just chooses truth.

    Truth Questions:

    1. Have you ever seen a porno film? Who did you watch it with?

    2. Who do you fantasize about when you think about sex?

    3. Your lover has been magically transformed into an animal, and the only way to restore your lover is to mate with them. Here's the question: Which animal would cause you the least psychological damage?

    4. Would you think it was a turn-on if your bf/gf wanted to watch Disney movies with you?

    5. Have you ever cheated on your bf/gf (if they have one), or would you ever cheat?

    6. Have you ever gone a whole day without wearing underwear?

    7. If you could be born again would choose to be a different sex to what you are?

    8. If you had 24 hours to live, what would you do, what movie star would you want to kiss, and who would you notify that you are dying

    9. Describe the sexiest clothes you ever wore and why.

    10. When did you stop bathing with your sibling?

    11. Who has the biggest balls you've ever seen? (funny since it can be told literally, but someone will take it sexually. I could be talking about a medicine ball!!!)

    12. If I was a food what would I be and how would you eat me?!?!

    13. What they would do to a girl or boy for a Klondike Bar.

    14. How far have you gone?

    15. How far would you go with someone you are attracted to, that you just met, and will never see again?

    16. What is the most embarrassing thing you've done?

    17. Have you ever skinny dipped?

    18. Would you marry your current bf/gf?

    19. Do you really love your bf/gf?

    20. Have you ever made a fool of yourself in front of someone you were interested in?

    21. What is the stupidest thing you've done because someone dared you to?

    22. What is the stupidest thing you've done on your own free will?

    23. Tell everyone who you like.

    24. What is the strangest dream you've ever had.

    25. Which guy (that at least four people playing the game know) do you think has the longest p e n i s?

    26. Which girl (that at least four people playing the game know) do you think would give the best BJ?

    27. What's your favorite thing about the opposite sex?

    28. What's the worst thing about being your gender?

    29. If you could have anyone here in the room to be your slave, who would it be and what would you make them do?

    30. Rate five boys that everyone knows on a scale of 1-10 What's your idea of a perfect date?

    31. Have you ever masturbated?

    32. Have you ever had an orgasm? Was it by yourself or with a boy?

    33. How old were you when you saw a boy (other than a relative) naked for the first time?

    34. Who was the first boy that you let touch your boobs? Why did you let him?

    35. If you were a boy, would you want your girlfriend to swallow when she gave you oral sex?


    1. Kiss someone for a given amount of time (ex. kiss for 2 minutes w/ tongue)

    2. Find something edible in the kitchen for the person to eat that isn't meant to be eaten straight (ketchup, salt, flour, ...)

    3. Run around outside screaming something totally inane. An example being have someone go chanting "I am woman, hear me roar!"

    4. Go out on your porch and sing the "I'm a Little Teapot" song.

    5. Go out into a public area scratching their crotch and saying, "Damn these crabs really itch!"

    6. Have a person smear jelly in one armpit and peanut butter in the other armpit. Then they must take two slices of bread and wipe it off. Then they have to eat the sandwich!

    7. Eat a piece of food (such as a grape or whip cream) off someone else's tongue, belly button, butt cheek, etc.

    8. Push a penny around the toilet seat with your tongue.

    9. Make-out with a pillow or teddy bear for a certain amount of time, say the guy's name they like and make kissing noises.

    10. Do a cart wheel naked.

    11. Play one round in your underwear.

    12. Measure the size of your nipple -- dime, nickel, quarter, or half dollar, in front of the whole group.

    13. Stick their finger in their butt and then lick it.

    14. Pick their nose and eat it in front of the group.

    15. Touch someone else's boobs if you are a girl.

    16. Trade underwear with someone else and wear it for one round.

    17. Dive in a pool naked or run through a sprinkler naked.

    18. Blindfold the person and make them kiss three things. Do not tell them what they are.

    19. Order a pizza and answer the door wearing just your underwear. Ask the delivery driver if he wants a $2.00 tip or your underwear. If he says your underwear, take them off for him. See if you can get the pizza free if you give him a handjob.

    20. Go to one of the do it yourself car washes and wash your car topless. You can also go to an automatic car wash and start with your clothes on, take your clothes off during the car wash, and then drive home naked after that.

    21. Go to a 7-11 and get a slurpee wearing nothing but a trench coat, sunglasses, and heels like a 1950s spy movie.

    22. Go out one day with your jeans unzipped and wearing no underwear. See how many guys notice.

    23. Flash truckers from a freeway overpass or as you drive by them on the highway.

    Like I said, the truth questions are normally more fun.

    Some other game ideas that are fun and I have played at parties are:

    “I Never”. Each person takes a turn saying something like I have never kissed a boy or I have never ridden a roller coaster. If you have done what the person says, then you lose a point, take a drink, etc.

    Do a scavenger hunt. Divide into two teams of 4 people. Enough to fit in one car. Give each team a digital or polaroid camera and a list of items to find. After one or two hours teams will return to your house and turn in their items. Have a BBQ and people can share pictures and stories of the scavenger hunt and determine the winner. Each picture is worth a different amount of points. You can collect tangible things as well as pictures of the team doing things. They can be as tame or as “Mature” as you want. Some ideas are:

    1. A picture kissing a handsome stranger (the group can vote how many points depending on how handsome)

    2. A picture of how many people they can get in a phone booth (one point per person, two if the get people to join in not on their team)

    3. A picture with the team posed in crowns from Burger King.

    4. A picture with the team standing in front of a Hooters restaurant lifting their shirts over their faces and showing their hooters. (One point for each male and five points for each female)

    5. A picture of a team member lying on a pool table.

    5a. A picture of a team member lying on a pool table naked.

    6. A picture standing or swimming in a park lake.

    6a. A picture of the team skinny dipping in a park lake. The picture has to show their butts with them in the water.

    7. A picture of a team member wearing a trenchcoat.

    7a. A picture of a team member wearing nothing but a trenchcoat.

    8. A picture of the team on a slide in a playground.

    9. A picture of the men on the team in a women's rest room

    10. A picture of the team playing football (bonus if they are wearing helmets)

    11. A picture of the team in one dressing room at a department store.

    You can also have tangible "Things" on the list that are worth a certain number of points.

    -- 1 point items:

    paper clips, old movie tickets, a garden tool from the neighbor, napkins or matchbooks from a bar, etc

    -- 3 point items:

    Include things like an autograph of a high school quarterback or cheerleader (someone from your party)a nametag from a convienence store clerk (bonus points for the longest name), the sexiest pair of boxer shorts or underwear from a neighbor or someone is wearing at the party.

    Go skinny dipping at midnight, my all time favorite!

    I don’t know the name of the game, but give everyone ten peanut M & Ms. The person who sucks all the chocolate off the M&Ms first, and spits the peanuts into a bowl is the winner. It works best if all the participants are female.

    Play strip poker. Tell everyone in advance, if possible, so they can come dressed however they would feel comfortable. Some people might wear crazy print pattern boxers, sports bras, sexy lingerie, or long underwear, whatever they are comfortable wearing as underwear around other people. When we played, we had one girl wear a slinky black dress and like eight pairs of underwear. It was hilarious to watch the guys each time think she was going to take off the dress and then she would take off more underwear.

    Anyway, take a group photo before the game starts with everyone dressed. Once you lose and you are in your bra and underwear, then you are out. Once the game ends, take another photo with everyone in their underwear. For those who are shy, they can wear a paper bag over their head. When I did this it was twelve people. The party was alot of fun and the photo was the best part. Everyone wanted a copy of the photos.

    Frozen T-shirt contest. The day before the party, get T-shirts wet and put them in the freezer. At the party, whoever can get the shirt on first is the winner.

    Guess who the kisser is. Divide into two teams and blindfold one team and put them in a line. Each girl will take a turn kissing each person on the other team. They have to guess who each kiss was. Switch places and do it again. The team who gets the most right is the winner.


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    Dare one another to walk nude outside, Then dare one to knock on neighbors door in the nude--this should spicen things up!!

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    dare her to make a sexual sound in a video for 10 seconds

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