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Yahoo chat room?

How do I get to the yahoo chat room!!!

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    Step 1: Download Yahoo Messenger. The U.S. site is http://messenger.yahoo.com/ - Follow the on-screen instructions.

    Step 2: At your Yahoo Messenger window, click the Messenger menu. Then click Yahoo Chat, then click Join a Room.

    Step 3: Choose a category from the list on the left-hand side, then choose a sub-category from the list from there. Then, on on the right-hand side, choose yet another sub-category (if needed).

    Step 4: You will see a blue progress bar that says Connecting to Room. Once it is ready, click the Connect button.

    Step 5: You will see a window with a blue link. Click the link.

    Step 6: Type in the swirly, blurred-looking letters that you see. This is called a "Captcha" and Yahoo uses this to verify that you are not spam. Typing the Captcha correctly may take a few tries. Once you have correctly entered the Captcha, your chat window will open.

    Note: Occasionally, even after entering a Captcha correctly, Yahoo will deny your access to a room because it is full. You must either try another room or try the same room again later.

    Hope this helps!

    Source(s): Personal experience - I've done this a thousand times.
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    Yeah Yahoo nevertheless has their previous chat rooms to get to them you should bypass to the messenger tab on your messenger and bypass to yahoo chat then click on connect a room. only warning you there is rather some bots in the rooms these days. unsure if authentic people head there anymore.

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    you click on shat room at hte yahoo mail site

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