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Should the 2008 Olympics be held in China?

This is totally random, but I'm really interested in the topic of whether the 2008 Olympics should be held in China, or if they should be boycotted. If you want, answer and explain.

Thanks a ton(:


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    no human right>olympic

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    look at this and see what china does to tibetian THEY LIED AND THEY ARE KLLING THEESE PEOPLE WHO PROTEST PEACFULLY!

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    recently group of chineese student beat up a group of korean and tibetian people who were peacfully protesting

    top ten reasons why we should boycott

    10 Repression of religious groups like the Falun Gong (freedom of religion is an important human right)

    9 censorship & imprisonment of journalists, cyber-dissidents and press freedom activists (how can there be justice in a state without watch dogs free to speak out)

    8 child, prison & sweatshop labour (we wonder how we can buy stuff so cheaply)

    7 slaughter of endangered species & government sponsored slaughter of domesticated animals (time's running out for several endangered species)

    6 ongoing human rights violations use of the death penalty (maybe we can re-use this one to address future bids by the USA)

    5 catastrophic pollution (16 of the world’s top 20 most polluted cities are in China)

    4 defective and dangerous products (if price is the bottom line ... but maybe consumers are rethinking that)

    3 cultural genocide in Tibet (There's been a call on a general boycott of China for it's actions in Tibet since 2002)

    2 genocide in Darfur over Oil (it's already come up this year in France's presidential elections)

    1 Support for the Burma regime (who else is there who can quickly pressure the Burmese military to stop the persecution of their people?)

    some links)

    another ten reasons

    1) Human rights are practically non-existent in Communist China

    Religious persecution, imprisonment and murder of non-violent political dissidents, torture,

    organ harvesting and sentences to hard labour are widespread.

    2) The lack of freedom of the press and safety risks for foreign reporters

    Many foreign websites are banned from being visited within China, foreign reporters are

    prohibited from interviewing anyone without previous permission from the government, and

    the content of all broadcasting is severely restricted. Foreign news media reporters have

    been arrested and sentenced to prison under vague and wide-reaching security laws.

    3) The 1980 Olympic Games in Communist Russia were boycotted by 64 states,

    under the leadership of the U.S.

    Beijing is not any different from Moscow in 1980, which was also the capital of a

    Communist police state.

    4) Communist China constantly threatens to attack Taiwan

    China's government passed a law that explicitly calls for military intervention in response to

    any intention by the democratic government of Taiwan to declare independence. Military

    manoeuvres indicate that the Communists' military is preparing to enforce this law.

    5) Beijing has the most polluted air in the world

    Studies and satellites photos have proven that Beijing suffers from extremely high nitrogen

    dioxide levels, vitally dangerous to the health of the athletes.

    6) China is plagued by widespread social, political, and economic unrest

    A surge in huge land grabs and forced evictions by the Chinese government for reasons of

    economic expansion and Olympic Games preparations have sparked thousands of protests.

    The government has murdered hundreds of protesters.

    7) The Chinese have been bribing and threatening large numbers of members of the

    International Olympic Committee

    A number of U.S. Representatives, for example, Congressman Tom Lantos, have stated this

    on national television.

    8) A boycott has some potential to serve as a strategy to encourage human rights in


    Only the greedy and foolish global elite think this is true the other way around.

    9) Holding the Olympic Games in Communist China contradicts the Olympic


    The Olympic Charter defines the philosophy of Olympism as the "respect for universal

    fundamental ethical principles" and its goal of promoting "a peaceful society concerned with

    the preservation of human dignity."

    10) Don't repeat the errors of 1936 when Nazi Germany was allowed to host the

    Olympic Games

    The Olympic Games will give Communist China the same propaganda tool Nazi Germany

    enjoyed. Not since 1936 have the ideals of Olympics been so trampled upon.

    this is such a shame isnt olympic suppose to be a event that brings world toghther look at what the chineese govermeant is doing **** THEM

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  • 4 years ago

    Of course the Olympic will be held in China this year. Your question is 6 years too late. The afirmative answer was delivered by the International Olympic Committee 6 years ago. It is just like asking whether you should be borne. Does the answer, whether yes or no has any impact on you or would the answer change a situation?

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  • 1 decade ago

    The fact is 2008 Olympics will be held in China at 8:00pm (Beijing time) on August 8.

    I do not find a good reason why we should boycott it.

    All the boycott reasons I saw so far are logically incorrect.

    Their reasons are all like ....

    whales are mammals, Queen Elizabeth is a mammal. Queen Elizabeth is a whale.


    Riots happened in Tibet, Tibet is in China,2008 Olympic will be held in China. Boycott 2008 Olympic.


    I do not see how Olympic can be linked to Tibet problem in China. The Tibet problem happened in 1950 or earlier/Ching Dynasty.

    I would guess that the recent riot in Tibet is a setup. People just want to get publicity or political advantages.

    I would guess that after that, there will be many protests or demonstrations to be followed on next international events like G7 meeting, Winter Olympic ...etc.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Yes, it should. No countries are perfect. China is allowed to participate in the games, then it should be allowed to host the game. Plus, it is time for the 1/4 of world population to host the game. The hosting is NOT for the Chinese government but for the Chinese people. Look at the all the pro-China supporters out there. They have spoken.

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  • 1 decade ago

    I believe so. Yes, I KNOW the Chinese still have Their share of "Issues..." But they've come a loonnggg way, since I was a kid... -& all the World Attention for the Olympics is doing WONDERS to help them "get their act together" to modernize their Country & Improve the lot of the People there... They deserve their shot at hosting the Games, & I'm looking forward to seeing how they pull it off... :)

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  • 1 decade ago

    Not in my book. There are too many people being mistreated in that country. People are being treated as slaves and are being mistreated.

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