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Sinibotia Robusta and Clicking?

Is it possible for a sinibotia robusta loach to make that loach clicking sound. Ive had mine for a month and havent heard it yet. How often do they click? Is there a way of encouraging it so I can hear it at least the once?


Oh that's really nice to know. I do have a very happy peaceful tank. I thought it was when they were excited so I'll be happier knowing that I dont hear it now. And i'm going to suprise you now but I actually have 3 of them. :D

Update 2:

Oh and one of the things i attribute to my loach being very happy loach is to keep them nocturnal. I have had so much success with this. Basically i've fitted my tank with the blue LED moon lights meant for reef tanks so I can see my loach at night and they are so active when the lights go off and these come on instead. I get to see them in their natural conditions then.

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    They are definitely capable. If you haven't heard it yet, it's probably a good sign. Usually, they do this when they're chasing other fish, especially of the same species, fighting for food, or at the surface swallowing air (yes, they are capable of getting air from the surface). If you haven't heard it, I'd guess you only have one S. robusta in a well oxygenated tank. If you really want to hear it, you'd basically have to provoke it with poor water quality (bad idea) or adding other S. robusta or other fish it could fight with (also a bad idea).

    Source(s): My Yoyos, who enjoy fighting over algae wafers with click wars.
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