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Difference between "Spanish" spanish and South American spanish?

I'm going to Ecuador and Peru this summer and I have one of those CDs where you're supposed to learn spanish from them (I took spanish in high school (2 years ago) and I just want to freshen up) however whenever they say "dice" or something similar it's pronounced like "dee-thay" rather "dee-say." Which way do they pronounce it in South America?

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    Also, instead of the "yuh" sound for "y" or "ll," you might here "sh" or the "s" sound in "measure" or a number of different versions... Also, in many places, the "vos" form is used. No, this is not the same as the "vosotros" form.

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    For sure I can't tell in written format. I still can't hear it, but my Ecuadorian friends tell me there is a huge difference between the Spanish spoken in Cuenca and what is spoken in Gualeceo, a 30 minute drive from Cuenca. Written, the differences melt away. I have heard similar about one side of Mexico City to the other side of Mexico City. Multiplied by all of Spanish speaking America, that is ALLOT of dialects for a language with supposedly perfect phonetics. Personally, as a long-time second language speaker, I can hear allot of the dialects, such as Mexican, Cuban, Ecuadorian, Argentinian, Bolivian, etc., but the sub-dialects elude me. Spain, herself, currently has something like 5 national languages. What little I have heard of the Spain dialect (excluding television) seems to get confused within that internal confusion.

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    It's like the difference between English English and American English.

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    NO TH in South America.

    Maybe in one or two little places, but that is actually a certain kind of Barcelonian Spanish spoken in Langue D'Oc, from the 1100's.

    Use regular s.

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    no mamita!

    South America is a big place!

    The Northern: Venezuela and Colombia (it is extremely polite) they are quite different!

    The Center (Ecuador and Peru) looks like Central America, because there are a lot of American Indians

    The Southern part (Uruguay, Chile and Argentina) sound y and ll sound like a combination of "yh" like yo(means "I" as you know)->"yho"

    Source(s): Hedley Knewjen Quintana, MD Native Spanish speaker Panama City, Panama
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    In south America you will use "dee-say"..

    also, forms such as vosotros, are from Europe.

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    just use regular s

    is diss- eh but together no pause

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    don't worry about that, just speak normal, they'll understand.

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