I need an idea for science fair, i have one year to think of one and one year to test it. I would prefer one on astronomy. I NEED IT TO BE REAL SCIENCE!!! My brother did a project which was "the effective nutrient levels for the bioremediation of oil" he did really well and gets to go to the ISEF international fair. so i need something that is real science or research. Also i heard of a student on the NASA site that made an early warning system for satellites for solar storms. Something like that or anything at all.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    real science could be anything from testing yeast to whatever your brother did but i am in the junior division and have gone to state every year in microbiology. there really isn't all that much competition in microbiology so long as your presentation is good. you could test something like self sterilizing metals i won grand prizes with that a couple of years ago.

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