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what are some social effects of tb?

what are some of the social effects of tb, i need them for an essay?

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    TB has the stigma of being infectious and people who are not aware about TB tends to shun people with the disease. They are ...

    1) not aware that it is passed on through droplets and is not airborne...

    2) not aware that you'll probably need chronic exposure before you get TB...

    3) not aware that in some third world countries as high as 70 to 80% of the population is exposed (but not necessarily infected)...

    4) not aware that patient is not infectious after a couple weeks of treatment (though the whole treatment duration is at least 6 months).

    5) and may just be aware of some of the scary complications of TB (e.g. meningitis, Pott's disease, TB of the GI and GU tract)

    As a result, patients having TB either:

    1) are ashamed of their disease and refused to go out,

    2) do not consult for treatment at all despite their symptoms because of being afraid that people will avoid them,

    3) do not ask their contacts/housemates/relatives to consult or be screened for TB because they are afraid they will be blamed if ever their contacts also tested positive,

    4) do not finish their medication because of lack of support system (thus leading to resistant strains)...TB treatment is usually daily medication of 3-5 meds daily for at least 6 months

    Source(s): I know an MD. Hope this helps you.
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    1. You can't have a social life.

    TB is so easily contagous that even with a HEPA mask you cannot freely go into public.

    2. Fear.

    Once you are in public, ppl see the mask and freak out and avoid you.

    3. Lack of convenient cure.

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