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JJ Putz or Kevin Gregg?

I have Putz now, and we all know what he is capable of, but has been struggling...Gregg is somehwat consistent, nothing spectacular but the Marlins seem to be rolling, providing more save opportunities...what do you think??

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    No way. I would hang on to JJ. There have got to be other viable closers out there in the league you can add as a stop-gap until Putz gets rolling again.

    Source(s): Too much time spent on Yahoo! Fantasy Baseball website.
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    I have Gregg, but you cannot compare him w/ PUTZ, PUTZ is a stud closer, give him times he'll will do you extremely well. I don't think Gregg gets too much opportunities now too, there weren't alot of close games this season for Marlins but I hope Gregg gets 30 saves. Putz will get at least 37+ this year, that's a garantee, and it's only April now anyways you cannot judge Putz's performance based on this month. In long term Putz will dominate.

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    Are you serious?

    Are you?

    Putz was a consensus top 3 closer and Gregg was a top 20 at best.

    Putz is the best closer in baseball and Gregg is a mediocre one at best.

    keep Putz and reek the benefits of keeping him during the part of the year it really matters, the playoffs

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    putz WHO IS kevin gregg

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