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Death note.?

okay, well I want to read the manga series Death Note

but I don’t know in which order to read it

can anyone tell me order of the series?

And another thing, is it good? Like will I enjoy it?

Mkay, thank you!


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    I always felt that reading it was sort of self explanatory; that or I'm seriously loosing it. You can start with book one to get the understanding of the story and the situations later on in the series and end with twelve. Thirteen is simply an extra, with an epilogue and character profiles, tests, and a bonus story.

    You also might like the novel, Another Note, which focuses on L, the detective, but there's a twist in the end that I will not give away.

    I absolutely loved Death Note and even managed to get my father into it. It's a mind twisting, insane story that is so utterly impossible, but the way in which it is handled is so realistic, that I wanted to believe that it could happen. This is also one of the first manga/animes where I grew to hate the villain and love the heroes. The villains were so despicable, that one can't help but despise them. The deaths of amazing characters are also unbearable.

    But, before I give anything away, I think you may enjoy it. I'm not aware of your personality, but if anyone was to ask me about Death Note, I would instantly recommend it. I hope you enjoy!

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    My son loves this series. You start from #1 and it goes up to 12. Book 13 is how to read it and it has cool extras. There is also a novel called Death Note--The Los jAngeles BB Murder Cases. I catch my son reading these when he is supposed to be doing his homework. He loves it. Tries to draw his favorite characters from that book. Getting quite good.

    I would check Book #1 and you'll know if you're going to like it or not.

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    I have read most of the manga series, and I really liked it. Some of the story is a little different, but otherwise I liked it.

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    I'm sorry but I don't know about the manga I saw the TV series and it was GREAT.. ask this in the animation section ^_^

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