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With the gas prices going up could it effect the sales of cars and other vehicles?

Also could it effect travel plans?

Would the airlines jack up the prices of their flights?

Would there be less vehicles on the road, less travelling and less car ownerships?

Your thoughts?

Would cars loose their value if no one is buying gasoline?

If no one wants to buy fuel because they can't afford it then they won't be using their cars. If they won't be using their cars they have no use for them and no one will buy them since they can't afford fuel

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    Actually, it already has in a way. People who are brave enough these days to go and buy a vehicle will generally opt for the one with the best gas mileage and not the used 1995 Ford Behemoth station wagon.

    Airlines have increased their fares already but would do so anyway regardless of rising fuel prices. It seems that rising fuel prices is the latest excuse, right after having to pay for extra security at airports post 9/11.

    It also isn't a matter of whether people would not want to buy fuel because they can't afford it; it is more of whether people can afford to buy fuel at all. Sadly, ours has become a rather lazy existence where we expect everything for free or at super cheap prices.

    We ourselves got rid of our car because we no longer had a need for one. The fact that gasoline prices are going up is a coincidence. Instead, we have a quadracycle, we bike, walk and/or take public transit.

    The link below provides more information on our solution to high gas prices.

    btw you ask a very good question but you won't be the last person to ask it.

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    Most people just have a fixed amount of money to go around If gas goes up then either the motoring is cut down or something else has to go to provide the gas money.

    People are now shopping around for cars and or engines that give them greater miles per gallon.

    Bigger cars may lose their value because the demand for gas guzzling engines would drop and if no one wants to buy yours what do you do ? The only action would be to reduce the price to sell.

    Airlines are already adding a fuel subsidy charge because of the added fuel costs!

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    People will still need to drive to work, unless they live within walking or biking distance or in an area with good public transit. More people will use car pools, and some will move or change jobs. You'll be seeing fewer SUVs and more Smart cars. Maybe some folks will even buy Segways.

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    its effecting the sales here where i live in pa. all you see is alot of cars sitting in car lots, what is moving, they are taking to auctions. people are holding onto their cars and fixing them up. you cant blame people, they just dont have that kind of money for a new car. they already raised the flight prices in pittsburgh international airport. what you use to pay for a first class seat went up, so times are not easy, a person cant win today.

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    Its got more to do with diesel than gas. The majority of transportation is done by big trucks that use diesel. That is causing the price of everything that is delivered to go up.

    That includes cars, food, tv's, appliances, air freight, absolutley everything.

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    I see a lot more of the big SUV's for sale on the road side now for cheap.

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    Toyota passed Gm as the number 1 seller in the world for the first time ever. Nobody can afford the gas guzzling SUVs anymore.

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