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Connection between Donald Young & Obama ?

There is currently an investigation into the 2007 murder of Donald Young who was the gay black choir director at Obama's Church.-- Young alleged that he had engaged in sex with Obama. ---Young discussed this matter with Larry Sinclair ( who also alleged that he had sex with Obama + smoked crack with Obama in 1999 ). Sinclair confirmed the truth of his statement by taking & passing a polygraph test on this matter. It is suspected that Young was murdered by party/parties unknown in order to silence him from going public with these allegations.---- Is the media purposely avoiding coverage of this murder & these possible connections with Obama ? ---If so, Why ? ---- As the investigation progresses, Do you think that the media will offer additional reports on this homicide investigation & possible connections to Obama ?



Update 2:

Are some of you saying the Young murder should NOT be reported or investigated because it MAY reveal a connection with Obama ?

Update 3:

see source above - It is reported that Sinclair will be meeting with a Chicago Homicide Detective in the near fitire

Update 4:

sorry for typo...I meant " future "

Update 5:

The Source IS Listed BELOW " Additional Details "

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    I beleive it! It is TRUE!!!!!!

    Mr. Sinclair DID pass the computer analysis for the polygraph! He did NOT fail it!!!!

    Go to -

    The truth will BLOW YOU AWAY!!!!!

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    So wait, this is a guy who lives in Duluth who claims he was only in Chicago because of some relative was graduating from the Navy. How would he end up blowing all these people in such a short amount of time? Anyway, his whole connection to Obama has been proven to be a lie. I don't know about Young, but if he isn't lying about that as well, it's probably just a six degrees of separation thing. Ok, so if it's not a lie, then answer me this. How does someone on public assistance afford a limo (yet at the same time is staying at cheap hotel)? Why would the limo driver hook Obama up with this loser crack head? Why doesn't he have the slightest shred of evidence other than his word, and can't even get a polygraph test to back him up? Why can't he even remember what they talked about, yet is sure it was Obama? If they were out partying that night and Obama had to back at the state capitol for his job, doesn't that make the whole thing rather unlikely? His story concerning Obama has more holes in it than swiss cheese.

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    Well it's a couple of reasons:

    A) Obama is the media darling, they've been handling him with kid gloves since day one. Had it not been for bloggers and/or youtube, they probably would have continued to ignore Obama's racist church and pastor.

    B) Larry Sinclair isn't exactly a poster child for credibility.

    Personally , his story is so obscure and detailed, it sounds true to me.

    Obama is clearly a shady dude. His lies about his racist mentor and church, his connection to the terrorist Ayers and the slumlord Rezko, etc, what's going to come out next?

    I don't understand why so many people voted for Obama, when they didn't know anything about him.

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    I actually read about this back when it was on and Larry Sinclair FAILED THE LIE DETECTOR TEST!

    I am against Obama, but the guy did fail the test.

    Your link doesn't work,

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    anything is possible but I always wonder about what can happen to people when they go against those with powerful resources, I will read more about it, that is so sad!

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    Sinclsir is a mental crack head living in a seedy hotel. He failed 3 lie detector tests. You've been reading too many blogs . Give us something from a syndicated column.

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    Do you have any sources so we can read up on this

    topic ourselves? I hate to comment when I don't know

    the whole story.

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    I assume that this is all based on what was said by confirmed liar (failed two polygraph tests) Larry Sinclair.

    There is no story for the media to cover.

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    Please cite your sources!

    I am against Obama for Pres, but we should decide based on issues, not rumors!

    - edit -

    Are you kidding me? Larry Sinclair is your "source?"


    When does the Propaganda and rhetoric stop with you guys?

    Are you really THAT desperate?

    VOTE OBAMA in '08!!

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