What to do in Germany?

I am going to Germany this coming summer to visit family. Is there anything fun to do there?


Since I am only 16 I really need information that is more age appropriate for me adn my little neice and nephew. The area that I am going is Schweinfurt, Brandenburg; which is around Berlin.

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    You should go on the Internet and look up some information about it. Or ask your family about it that is in Germany. Look up fun stuff to do for your ages and see what you get. HAVE FUN!! LUV YA!!

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    I have to disagree with Mike R.: Berlin is THE party city in Germany with hundreds of clubs and bars and new ones opening almost daily! Plus it's affordable, hip, young and there's lots to do and to see. I would definitely recommend visiting Berlin when you're in Germany. Check here: http://www.berlin.de/english/

    For the rest: it really depends what you want to see. Other beautiful cities to visit are Hamburg, Munich and Cologne. If you want a relaxing beach break, visit one of the beaches at the Baltic Sea or the North Sea. Another classic would be a trip on the river Rhine along the "romantic route", see http://www.spotlightgermany.com/articles/rhine.htm

    For more information on tourism in Germany: http://www.germany-tourism.de/


    EDIT: Since you're in Brandenburg: another fun thing to do is visit the Babelsberg Movie Park in Potsdam. They have stunt shows there and stuff and you can visit the sets of movies which have been shot there. See http://www.filmpark-babelsberg.de/index.php?id=137

    In Berlin you could visit the zoo and have a look at the not-so-small-anymore polar bear Knut (and all the other animals of course): http://www.zoo-berlin.de/en.html

    Source(s): Ich bin ein Berliner (to quote JFK) :-)
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    That depends where you're going and what you like to do. I definitely suggest wherever you go that you visit you dabble in authentic food (latkes, sauerkraut, frankfurters!) and go see some of the architecture. When I was in Munich we spent a lot of time downtown and there's always so much happening! Berlin and Frankfurt weren't so much partying cities as Munich is, but there's still a ton to do there. Just hope on an S-Bahn and go have fun!

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    Hey that's not the USA, with 16 you can do all you want, go clubbing, buy alcohol etc.

    Since I don't know where u are going exactly I can't give specific tips but generally I would recommend u to borrow a fast car and drive with 200mph legally on the Autobahn (highway). Usually driving is allowed in Germany with 18 but with your US-license you can circumvent this, contrary to what the majority thinks.

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