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Christians: how would you feel if someone formed a group named ChristiansAgainstChrist?

and then spent BILLIONS on a campaign to convince the world that 'real' Christians KNEW Jesus never existed?

Would it make you feel really angry and frustrated? And how would you feel if when you tried to define GENUINE Christian belief, this group, ChristiansAgainstChrist, accused YOU of wrecking THEIR 'religious freedom'?

*please note* - this post is directed ONLY at Christians who keep insisting that one can be a 'jew4jesus'.



- mazeltov on TOTALLY missing the point.

'messianic jews' were never Jews to start with. that is my whole POINT.

they are CHRISTIANS and should not twist Jewish belief.

Update 2:


BRIAN - jews are not a 'race'. If we were HOW could people convert???

And to worship Christ is TOTALLY violating Judaism. Totally.

Hence my trying to illustrate this point by applying the same 'logic' to CHRISTIANITY.

People, PURLEEEEASE, use your BRAINS!

Update 3:

VIXEN - you are wrong. I know how to define what Jews are for the simple reason I AM A JEW.

A person who is born Jewish and LATER converts to Christianity is NO LONGER JEWISH.

Judaism defines Jewish identity.

Update 4:


- the 'messianic jews' of TODAY are Christians. they never were Jews.

the Jews way back, the tiny sect that believed Jesus was the messiah; they WERE Jewish. There WAS no Christianity back then, so they weren't following the religion that we know today as Christianity. today's 'messianic jews' have NEVER been anything BUT Christian.

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    Great question, even if it's rhetorical. It's not a perfect analogy, but the gist of it is certainly on the mark.

    You won't change anyone's mind, of course - I've never met a Christian who had a clue about Judaism unless they were involved in serious interfaith studies. It takes real effort to get past their upbringing in which they think that the Christian interpretation of the Hebrew bible is Judaism, and to take a fresh look at it. It's a hundred times easier to explain Judaism to a non-Christian.

    Just wanted to let you know someone out here "got it".

    (And Bundle, Jews are people who don't believe in Jesus - thus the frustration at "Jews for Jesus". It's an oxymoron just like "Christians against Christ". That's the point.)

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  • 4 years ago

    Jews for Jesus is a Christian evangelistic organization that focuses specifically on the conversion of Jews to Christianity. Christian Wiccans adhere to the polytheistic nature religion known as Wicca and profess belief in the teachings of Jesus. Christian Wicca is a particular denomination of the system of beliefs known as Christo-paganism. Common elements transplanted from Wicca include reincarnation and fertility; however, the key points of the divinity of Jehovah, Christ, and the Holy Spirit are retained from Christianity, often with a renewed emphasis on the latter two. as far as the Christian Muslims go. I have no idea

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    If as you say that they are not Jewish as were those 2000 years ago, there was also no such thing as Reform Jews therefore, then maybe your not Jewish!

    Messianic Jews are Jewish according to the Law and also by birth, however they have stepped away from what Judaism believes, but even doing that they are still Jewish! Actually if we say Chabad Messianics are Jewish 100% then the Messianic Jews are 100% Jewish also!

    Paperback your entire answer, if it was a boat you'd be sunk right now, where do you get your supporting facts!

    Messianic Jews don't worship a dead man, their messiah is not G-d, they refute roughly 80% Christianity!

    And as far as history they can prove they are tied to the disciples of their messiah, Here in Israel we have at the Israel Museum, archaeological finds that prove these Messianics were and are Jewish, We as a people can not continue lie, we may not agree with them but to lie is WRONG! It Breaks TORAH!

    Recently the discovery of even a Messianic Synagogue here in Northern Israel, so how do we say they are not our brothers and sisters!

    Was and has it not been in our history to pass down our Laws, traditions and stories, do we not claim we are the same as our forefathers, can we look at the Messianic Jews of today and say they are not, for if we do then we cast doubt on ourselves!

    So consider CAREFULLY your remarks cause now we just as them are using archaeological finds to prove to the world our very right to our LAND, to our TEMPLE MOUNT! We just as them also use world history to prove who we are as a PEOPLE!

    Modern Conservative Israeli/American Jew!

    Source(s): COMMON SENSE
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    You keep getting this all mixed up. Judaism is a religion. Jew is a race or ethnicity, a person who is descended from Judah. I think you are smart enough to know the difference. As far as I can tell on this forum, most of those practicing Judaism wish to narrowly define what a Jew is.

    Abraham was not a Jew.

    Sara was not a Jew.

    Rebbecca was not a Jew.

    Issac was not a Jew.

    Jacob was not a Jew, nor were Leah or Rachel.

    Levi was not a Jew.

    Benjamin was not a Jew.

    NONE of the other Israelites who were NOT of the tribe of Judah were Jews.

    Some Jews are atheist, communists, Catholic, Muslim.......So, yes there can be Jews who worship Messiah Yeshua. The whole original Church was made up of Jews.

    The real problem with J4J's that most Messianics do not have is that the J4J's follow some Torah and a lot of Catholic tradition.

    What would a Jewish Messiah teach?

    BTW, there is a real campaign worldwide to try to con vice all of us that Yashua never existed, and the Jews are part of that...Just watch "Naked Archaeologist" some time.

    Edit: To our Jewish friends who practice Judaism on Y&A, please show us the first time the word "JEW" or "Jews" is used in the Tanakh and what were they doing?

    Edit: Hi Paperback. I have never minded you emailing me, but I wish I could answer your email.

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    A high % of Christian historically never belived in what Jesus claimed to be - ie GOD

    So Christian Against Christ has been around since the time of Jesus.

    I'm a Christian and have no problem with this imagined group.

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    It is amazing how many articulate and seemingly intelligent people completely missed the point.

    Saying you are a "Jew for Jesus" or a "Messianic Jew" is basically a non threatening or attempt at a politically correct way of saying "Jews Against Judaism". Maybe a more accurate label would be "People that Want to Call Themselves Jewish and Believe in Stuff That is Completely Incompatible With Judaism". ( Too long and not catchy)

    If someone was born Jewish and later finds that they find spiritual fulfillment in being Christian, then they should call themselves a Christian. You cannot have your cake and eat it too. If you become Christian, then you are essentially turning your back on your Jewish heritage and history. If you find that you need to do that, so be it, but do not try to soften or blur what you are doing by saying that you can remain Jewish while accepting Christ.

    Judaism and Christianity are very different belief systems. A belief that God walked on the earth enfleshed for one millisecond, let alone 30 plus years, is completely incompatible with the teachings of Judaism. It would be like saying that I am clean and sober while simultaneously drinking Scotch and smoking pot.

    Paperbacks analogy while being a bit harsh, is right on the money. If you were to take the time to understand that, you might begin to understand why Jews so resent someone that refers to themselves as a "Jew for Jesus".

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  • 1 decade ago

    You make a good point and I could see how this would bother you. The J4J people that I have met have been very devout in their beliefs with the exception that they accept Jesus as the Messiah.

    I am not a Jew.

    However, there are hundreds of splinter group with different ideas in Christianity.

    It would be hard to call yourself a Christian against Christ. If you were against Christ, then you by definition would not be a Christian.

    However, I respect the Jews and the religion that gave birth to Christianity. I would encourage you to embrace Jesus as the Messiah. If you don't then that is your business.

    This deal where one religion provokes the other has to end. We need to understand all religions and give credence to their rights on this planet.

    Being a Jew for Jesus does not stop one from being proud of the Jewish heritage. Therefore, I do not think your question, in its current format, is valid.

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  • ;)
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    Short answer - i wouldn't 'feel' anything....

    I'm secure in my God and know the truth - that's all that matters : )

    If i can just add: No-one can change a persons Jewish heritage - and Norma is correct - Messianic Jews have Jewish heritage. You might disagree with their beliefs, but you can't change this fact.

    blessings : )

    Ahh i get it now! your pagan, your not Jewish by heritage! i see where your coming from - that's where your hatred comes in for Messiah, it's got nothing to do with being Jewish. Got it at last and won't waste any more of my time to a disobedient time waster.

    You can be sure of this: one day your knee will bow before Yeshua Hameshiach *smiling*

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  • 1 decade ago

    Actually I am surprised they haven't already formed such a group. I do understand what you are saying. I have heard Jews4Jesus speak. They came to our church some years back and have a very slick presentation. I agree, they are Christian. I do think we can learn from other religions and find truth in all, but there is a line where a Christian is a Christian and a Jew is a Jew, a Pagan is a Pagan. I do think that we need to have love and tolerance for all groups, but I do think it is very wrong to misrepresent, or just plain lie, to get support. The story that Jews 4 Jesus gave of their beginnings was very different than the reality. As a Christian I hate to see Christians spout falsehoods, I believe everyone should examine what they believe and chose their religion, or atheism as they see fit. I don't think that deception can be tolerated.

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  • 1 decade ago

    I really do not know who gets the idea "that Messianic Jews were not Jews." The truth is Jews were expecting what Moses said one time to his people"Someone will come much greater than me.".And Solomon also said the same during his reign.

    So, it is not impossible for the Jews to expect another Messiah. In the case of Jesus however, they expected someone who could bring them out of Rome's rule the same way Moses did in Egypt. Rome would not let that happen so, they executed Jesus. Another wrong thing about Jesus is that Jewish were for thousands of years have been told that there is only One God and no one in their right mind would ever believe Jesus to be a Son of God much more to be God Himself incarnate. Another thing, the only sign between God and the Jews that will bind them together is the Sabbath Day of Rest. He let his disciples harvest corn on the field on the said day and arrogantly proclaimed himself as the Lord of the Sabbath.

    Another point, it is not impossible to have some group of Jews to form 'Jews for Jesus" since history says Jesus was a son of a Jewish carpenter and grew up in a Jewish state. Another claim for that is in the Book of Matthew, Jesus clearly stated that he came "only for the lost sheep of Israel.

    About your Question, "Christian Against Christ" will never be officially named as such since those kind of Christians will try to avoid being identified to a name they discredited. Maybe they will use "Victims Against Christ" for they were victims of traditional baptism during their innocent years.

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