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Im worried for someone.....pls just read & gimme ur views?

she says she is not eating any food...coz she has bad food its worsen,she has seen a doctor,but still its not she see no point in damn worried for her!!coz she's not eating!!

now...what should i do to make her eat again??coz its getting'e not eating!!!& is there any good pills for rashes???

HELP!!!im worried...

(HUGZ)) all...

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    Best Answer juz fine even im not eating

    dun worry ok..

    love you..

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    I too have had a food allergy that went away 2 weeks ago...My doctor says the virus that causes it is in the air.She also prescribed some drugs for me that I will not mention because our allergies maynot be the same.During that period of time I ate white bread and drank vitamin water I took alot of supplements vitamin C capsules,vitamin B,Iron,Vitamin E,(so that I could get the nutrients that was absent from my everyday diet )etc.I also stayed away from anything containing citric acid,salt,ketchup and mustard,milk,fruits,whole wheat,anything salty, fruit juices,canned foods,seasoned meat..chicken,beef,fish...etc..Malt was good so did vegetables,have her get a vegetarian worked well for me it should do for her too..My parents brought me to a dermatologist and a nutritionist .The two health professionals got me a diet and now l am better the rash is gone but I still remain allergic to some foods..I suggest you advise her to do the same it'll help.I too dropped weight but I got back a few doctor said it was likely for me to lose weight..Your friend better eat up or else she will become malnurished and deficate regularly and whine up in the hospital where she'll be fed via Intravenous feeding..which is terrible..I've been down that road before..and its messy so have her doctor and a nutrionist meet to determine a diet for her.

    Good Luck

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    Suggest that she try one food at a time, and stay away from common allergans like milk, shellfish, peanuts, etc. If she can handle toast or crackers without any negative reactions, try a fruit or veggie (which have the fewest bad reactions), and add in another new food every few days. Once she is under a doctor's care and knows what she is allergic to, her doctor should provide her with good foods to avoid and what she should be safe with.

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    how about talking to her first and convincing her it is good for her...

    and make her try healthy food {that taste nice lol} ask the doctor to check what shes exactly allergic to because i think he might take her blood sample or something and see whats making it wrong for her...

    like how long has this been happening and has she always had it....and what type of foods did she eat or does!


    try giving her ICE-CREAM that makes me jump up and down lolz.....maybe Pasta{great source of iron}....

    I hope I helped but i dont think im sure about the blood test thing...but he will definitely tell her what shes allergic to..

    I know you said that she already went to the doctors....

    Probably she ate alot of junk food{they make you get spots etc} you can find liquids, a pharmacy{chemist}

    GOOD LUCK! xXxXxXxI hope she starts to eat again!

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    Have her eat one thing at a time and progress further if she has no reaction. Start with oatmeal, or toast and tea. Chamomile will be the most soothing to the digestive tract but any tea will do. Jello is also a bland food, chicken broth, etc.

    Source(s): Student of Clayton College of Natural Health-Herbalism Major
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    Try talking to her more...let her know that you're there for her to talk to, and that she should eat.

    If, despite your talk, she still isn't eating, then you should take her to the doctor. This is serious, she is putting her health in serious danger, and it just isn't worth it! She's gonna have to eat.

    Good Luck! Your friend will be in my prayers!


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    i have the same problem right now. ='[

    my good friend is soo skinny that she has medical problems, but she still won't eat anything.

    that's not much help, i know, but me too.


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    she really needs to go to the doctor!!! thats the only thing i can think of to help her

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    i. v. at the hospital naz that sound serious take her to the doctor right NOW*******

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    idk naz im so so sorry that i dont know try doing the one that cooker said k (hugz)

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