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Hi, i need some advice.

I have a temperature, i bruise easily, i have a small pinkish reddish spot on my arm, my throat is extrememly soar feels like a rough burning sensation and eveytime i swallow, i feel sick.

I have also got a loss of appetite and am always tired. Yesterday i slept for 18 hours and still managed to feel tired when i got up this morning.

I woke yesterday at 1pm, stayed awake, barely, until 6pm, fell asleep and woke at 8:30pm then stayed awake till 11:25pm and then fell asleep until 8:00am this morning and i was so tired i could have gone striaght back to sleep!

Is this leukemia?

Please, any advice would be much appreciated.


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    Why do you think it's Leukaemia ?

    I'm sure if you went to have a check up at your G.P you'll find this worry unfounded, but it will put your mind at rest.

    Leukaemia tends to affect the joints, and I mean severe pains, so what you have is most probably exhaustion, or anaemia, or even a 'bug/virus'..sleeping is the bodies way of shutting down, to be re-energised.

    Your G.P will be able to advise you, meanwhile, don't stress and worry, I'm sure it's something that a bottle of tonic/ medication can cure.

    Meanwhile just take things easy...and rest all you can.

    Hope you're feeling better soon Krystal..

    Caramac x

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    It could be many things such as anemia, diabetes,etc. The best thing to do is to go to the doctor and get a blood test because that will tell you what is wrong. Don't put off going because if you do have leukemia you want to start treatment as soon as possible.

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    Really, it could be anything. Whatever it is, you will be fine eventually. :]

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