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Feline immunodeficiency virus?

ok well my cat has Feline immunodeficiency virus and i wanted to kno whats worse feline leukemia or this also is it curable and can the cat live without being a "transmittor" because we have this very sweet cat (at times) and we love him alot and could you just please help me understand if he can live or no please help and please pray for sweet little Flimzy Toncz

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    It is my understanding that Feline Leukemia is worse. I have two FeLuk cats and I can not bring them in contact with other cats without risking transmission.

    If I am not mistaken (verify this with vet) Feline Immunodeficiency Virus is much harder to transmit which means a cat who is positive can live safely with one who is not. In either case these diseases ARE NOT transmittable to humans! This cat is no threat to you!

    Can your cat live? YES! Your cat MIGHT be affected by this disease, or he MIGHT live out his life and die of old age. It is impossible to know, but there is no reason you should give up on him.

    Is there a cure? Sadly, no. He will have this infection for life.

    There is information out there. Talk to your vet and search the web. Good luck.

    Source(s): Some experience and two happy FeLuke cats who are going strong!
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    FIV is a life long illness, which is not curable. Both FIV and FeLV are very serious illnesses, but both can be managed for many years with good veterinary care. FIV, like HIV in people, attacks and weakens the immune system. Because of this, its very important that you keep him indoors (both to protect him from illness from other cats, and to prevent him from transmitting to another cat). If you go to someone else's house who has a cat, make sure to clean yourself well before interacting with your cat. Its also important to have any signs of illness treated as soon as possible. Generally the rule for FIV cats, is that any illness they get should be treated sooner, more aggressively and longer than a normal cat.

    Now I know this sounds very scary, but FIV cats can live a very long, normal life as long as you remain vigilant about his care. I saw that the other poster wrote that it is safe for another cat to live in the house, and in theory its okay, but think about this carefully first. FIV is harder to transmit than FeLV, but frequent contact greatly increases the risk. If you do choose to have another cat, make sure it is fully vaccinated for FeLV and FIV before bringing it home. Also remember that another cat increases the chances of your first cat picking up illnesses. What may only be a slight cold for the healthy cat can be very serious for an FIV cat.

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    That sounds really bad. It means that its immune system is very weak. Try keeping it away from as many germs as possible and feeding it things to boost its barely working defenses against disease. If something seems wrong with the cat, take it to the vet IMMEDIATELY. It won't be able to fight off whatever illness it has and it WILL die. Better safe than sorry.

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    Just google it - you'll find some good news!

    Cats can test positive and live for years. You do have to be extra vigilant about possible infections, etc., so be sure to set some money aside for possible vet bills.

    And, of course, your vet is always the best source of info. If he didn't take the time to explain this thoroughly to you, get another vet. You'll need one that you feel comfortable calling with questions.

    It's never fun to hear this diagnosis, but please don't assume the worst.

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    You need to be working with a VET on this. The cat can live, but often requires medication and special attention.

    Consult with your vet on appropriate courses of action and on any questions you have about FIV.

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    Marvista vet has a great site. check this out for some information.

    Also you need to know that cats vacinated with the FIVvacine will test positive for the disease for the rest of their lives, while infact they dont have it at all.

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    i think thats HIV for cats

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