What should I study to become a real estate property appraiser or home inspector?

What should I study to become a real estate property appraiser or home inspector?

Im 21 years old from Maine. I have 1 semester of Business Administration under my belt from Southern Maine Community College back in the Fall of 2006. Now, I think Im realizing that I would like a career involving some aspect of real estate . After doing some research, I think I would be interested in starting my own business as a home inspector or real estate appraiser. I am looking into a real estate school up here, but i dont have any experience in contruction or any fields that could possibly benefit me with this. I would like to gain some general knowledge of some industry before just take some real estate courses and becommming certified and licensed. I was looking into attending SMCC's associate degree program in Architectural Engineering. After or while completing this program I would then attend a real estate school and get certified in one of the two and then attempt to start my own business in that field.?.? Does this sound logical ? I have no expereince in either or any of this. I have always worked retail at hardware stores. Is there something else I should be studying other than architectural engineering? What should I be studying? Should i just go to real estate school and forget the rest? Help please. I am unsure of what to do.


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    As a real estate broker of 20+ years, I would suggest you consider getting your real estate license. It is probably one of the shortest routes to finding out what aspect of real estate is the right one for you. While there are some costs in getting started, it's still probably a less expensive route than some others if you're still not really sure where you want to focus your career. Your retail experience should hold you in good stead in dealing with all kinds of people.

    After you get your license, I would choose a large firm with a good training program to get started. They will have a steadier supply of leads. Once you get started evaluating people's properties for market value, and understanding the whole process of selling a home, and attending the home inspections for the homes you sell, you will have a much broader base of knowledge from which to make a good decision. You'll discover whether you like the day to day work of the appraisal process, or the home inspections. As you talk to some of the other professionals in these areas, they can give you an experienced opinion on the best avenue to get from where you are to where you want to go.

    Once you clearly know your own mind, you can always go back to the college route to expand your knowledge and qualifications.

    Good luck.

    Source(s): Answerer is a licensed real estate broker in Connecticut.
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