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Have you tried Singapore Maggi mee before,according to them it taste much better than Malaysia Maggi mee?

i have a Singaporean friend he say that Singapore maggi mee taste better than Malaysia made maggi mee. He even ask his parents to send/post the Maggi mee from Singapore to Kota Kinabalu


câmΦuflã up to me what i want to say as if that you are so patriotic

Update 2:

to Misz Amy it seems that you have taken my question out of context.

If i say Australia Cadbury Chocolate taste better than Malaysia made Cadbury Chocolate what does it make me an Aussie use brain when answer not emotion

Update 3:

boon q you are Singaporean have you tasted Maggi made in Malaysia and compare it with Singapore version of Maggi

Update 4:

to Boon q you can really see how those close minded mentality people think , this what happen when do not mix with other people

Update 5:

to hush what do you mean, Cadbury Chocolate imported from Australia to Malaysia taste better than Malaysian Made Cadbury

Update 6:

to kiki lala Singapore is nearer to your hometown than my hometown

Update 7:

to kathy what do you mean by jealous i ask about the taste not about jealous. Just like comparing KFC chicken and MCD chicken

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  • amy
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    1 decade ago
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    wow Slay Islamic Terror can actually say something! :o

    oh Singaporean is always better in everything, they have better historical sites, sex education system, water source, capital city (Geylang), etc. their roti canai and nasi lemak is also better than Malaysia.


    i stand corrected >:(

    not because their maggi mee is better means they're better, but they're better in everything compared to malaysia

  • 1 decade ago

    I have tried the Maggi Mee in Singapore and in Malaysia, but i find no difference, may be it is the taste bud, or your friend is having the mindset of the things from the hometown is better.

    However, i could tell you the McDonald in Singapore taste better than in Malaysia.

    Source(s): staying at both the countries and do cook the Maggi Mee quite frequent previously
  • To-do list


    # 45 ~> Clean kitchen with Clorox it for task #46.

    # 46 ~> Take one Maggi mee from Malaysia and another from Singapore of the same weight and manufactured date. Pour in 500ml of water of 98 degree celsius at the room temperature of 30 degree celsius in a sterile kitchen. Pour into a metal bowl of 250grams, 13cm in diameter and 8cm deep, both manufactured on the same date and come from the same manufacturing company. Sip exactly 10ml of soup from each bowl at 10 seconds interval until 250ml is gone and record the results each time. Eat a string of mee of 2cm from each bowl at 7second intervals until finish. Record the results in a table and present them here.

    Alright, once I'm done, I'll tell you. Right now I'm on Task #45.

  • 5 years ago

    - Boil water. - Put instant noodles. Close cover a few mins. - Drain away noodles. - Put noodles into a bowl. Add seasoning according to desire. Else - Put the noodles aside into a bowl. - Pour some water(just a little) into the pot, reheat. Put chopped garlic & egg & seasoning. It will turn out like sauce a bit then throw in noodles. Mixed it till it becomes like spaghetti :D. If use the wok, it can become like Mamak stall's Mee Maggie Goreng. The secret is "fry the garlic + oil" I love to cook Maggie Perisa Itik & Tom Yam like that =)....

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  • Boon Q
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    1 decade ago

    I can`t believe that some of you are so bias in your answers. The asker is only making a statement based on his friends preferred taste thats all. No need to get personal.

    Added sec. ago,

    Yes Jedi, not only those from Malaysia but also

    from Indo as well so long as they are affordable in cost (not by country of origin) I go for it. To me, they are all fast to cook & good to eat.

    Well, Jedi if some people choose to think and live within the box, there is nothing much anyone can do could they. I just have to feel sorry for them, thats all. I love being in YAM and I always try to keep away from Race, Religion and Politics. I just want to have fun . Period.

  • Tammie
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    1 decade ago

    I really don't care.haha

    I mean,how tasty can Maggi be?Not as much as McDonald's I can say.

    Singapore's food is ALL processed.I ate a nasi lemak there once,and they have the ikan bilis packed in a small plastic bag!I'm like,what the heck?Isn't nasi lemak suppose to be traditional?

    I bet the Maggi there has added MSG which makes it tastier.

  • Tulip
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    1 decade ago

    nnnnot yet but I would love to try it someday. I have tasted a 3 in 1 coffee packed n made in Singapore(bought in carrefour) and it tastes great! it's a fact. Really would love to try singapore maggi noodles someday. Thanks.

  • 1 decade ago

    i believe so. Nissin Noodle is manufacture in Singapore

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    well since maggi originates from malaysia and singapore wanna ciplak, theirs had better be better. otherwise, i'd loooooook down on them.



    do you know australian made cadbury chocolates for australian market tastes different from australian made cadbury chocolates for malaysian or asian markets?

    Source(s): lol i try not to buy singaporean products. i support malaysian made lah
  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    i eat mee maggi only if i'm desperate and really,really broke

    so,i don't really care

  • 1 decade ago

    me, just need to know the HALAL status only.

    for now, I don't dare to eat any Singapore product, coz I found one packet of pork meat with HALAL chop on it.......... think they should be a bit rational in this.

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