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Joining the United States Army?

Okay well, I'm really far in my decision in joining US Armed Forces, however I have a few questions about the Army, and possibly other branches as well.

To start with I'm 17 and a Junior in HS, I'm heavily interested in Aviation, one of the coolest technologies in the world in my opinion.

Flying is the ultimate dream, but I am contempt of working on aircraft as well, and getting a civilian job at places like Lockheed, Boeing, Airbus, etc after the military.

I've been talking to my Army recruiter a lot and have gotten interested in joining the Army as a 15T, a step to get to WO, and eventually, pilot.

My questions are the following:


He told me that I would receive $1,000 from the day i become a senior, to the day I graduate (12 months) for signing up as a Junior to become a "Future Soldier"

Scoring a 51 AFQT allows for me to pick the job I want right now, and reserve it until I get out of HS.


Thanks for the quick replies, any of you have contact info to further discuss this?

Update 2:

Also, How do I find my MM and EL?

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    True - you would qualify for the Senior Bonus. That is current policy.

    True - with a 51 QT, your MM line scores should be well within what you need to qualify for 15T.

    Once you get that reservation finished, then that is your MOS.

    You could do split-option, and enlist in the USAR, go to Basic this summer, and then flip over to the Regular Army during your Senior year, and ship at graduation to AIT.

    The USAR MOS reservation won't even matter, because you'll never go to that AIT (Split - option), as long as you flip to the RA your Senior year.

    Something to think about.

    He's telling you the truth.

    MANY people in 15T go WO and become pilots. That's basically the feeder MOS for that.

    He's steering you in the right direction.

    Ask him about doing split op, and flipping to the RA as a senior. I had alot of folks do that.

    **Your recruiter has your MM and EL and all the other line scores - if you tested with him and/or he has pulled your scores.

    Sounds to me like he is shooting it to you straight. You'll find that there really isn't any smoke and mirrors in joining the Army now... It's all very cut and dried in the reservation.

    More importantly, it would be stupid for that recruiter to push you to 15T if you didn't have the line scores for it. Then you would become "job locked", and if you didn't qualify for it and didn't enlist, he'd look like an a** now wouldn't he?

    You'll be fine.

    **Drag is obviously living in a cave, and doesn't know that Army Warrant Officers (95% of which are PILOTS) don't have to have any degree whatsoever to become a Warrant Officer OR a pilot...

    **Hey Joseph Lowder - go pick up AR 601-210, flip back to Option 9D, and tell me what it says the educational requirement is for a Warrant Officer. MY copy of the regulation says it's a freakin HS Diploma. Glad you aren't my "Recruiter Assistant". Read the regs, (yeah - the Regular Army ones, not just the NG ones...) or don't answer.

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    Both are true.......

    In Dec I had a female join and get the Sr Bonus of 1,000 a month until she graduates (as long as she graduates on time)

    and she gets another 1000 for graduating.....

    Be mindful that you will not receive this money until you get you enlistment bonus.

    Ask you recruiter if you can pick your job before you go to the MEPS....

    We had a program that allowed us to do so, but i dont know if all recruiter have the program......

    Good Luck kid.......

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    Junior in High School, 17, you need to stay "in focus" with school. Opinions can change in a year as you develop into a young adult. Differences as a 17 year old and 18 can vary and changes in the "world" may occur. Remember, most young men to prove their place in society, i.e., friends, family, girls, etc., show a "need" for "manhood" by expressing a desire for military service. This is "normal" and maintains a positive desire you have to do well in school and other activities.

    Military service can be a wonderful career but you must look at improvement in "yourself" FIRST. Continue education if financially and acceptably able, this is MOST beneficial in life. In doing so, ROTC as an "aviation candidate" is advisable.

    DO NOT sign a military contract with a "deferred" time at this period in life. Research and look at all possibilities FIRST. I know you are at the age, I was there once, it is "cool" to tell all about your future in the military. You do not just "want" to be in aviation, but MUST qualify, i.e., physical exam, fitness tests, recommended, test evaluation, etc. You have many obstacles to "overcome" but always continue to work hard toward YOUR DREAMS and GOALS.

    Good Luck, stay positive, stay in focus. Continue improving through education.

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    In order for you to become a pilot in any branch you have to become on officer. You have to have alteast a bachlors degree in anything. Attend either OCS or ROTC. You will recieve a enlistment bonus. Don't expect to get the whole $40,000 unless you do enlist as an officer in aviation. Not just anyone can fly!!!

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    YOU WILL NEVER GET A PILOTS LICENSE IN THE ARMY WITHOUT A COLLEGE DEGREE. Trust me have never met a pilot in the armed forces who currently didn't pay for private plane lessons to earn a pilot license or didn't have college degree.

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