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What's this movie about a girl stuck in a mirror?

It's not Alice in Wonderland or Return to Oz...

It's about this blond girl that's trapped inside a mirror. I can't remember much of the movie because it's been awhile, but I think another girl that looks exactly like her ends up going to the house that has the mirror in which she's trapped. And she tries to help her get out. Does this sound familiar at all?

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    The Watcher in the Woods (1980)

    starring Lynn-Holly Johnson, Bette Davis, David McCallum, Carroll Baker, Kyle Richards, Benedict Taylor, Ian Bannen

    IMDB synopsis:

    When a normal American family moves into a beautiful old English house in a wooded area, strange, paranormal appearances befall them in this interesting twist to the well-known haunted-house tale. Their daughters Jan and Ellie see and hear, respectively, a teenage girl who mysteriously disappeared during a total solar eclipse decades before.

    IMDB review ***SPOILERS***

    Florence Engel Randall's plot in her novel "A Watcher in the Woods" goes like this: The Curtis family~Helen, her husband Paul, and their daughters, Jan and Ellie (Kyle Richards)~rent an old English manor from its owner, Mrs. Aylwood, who lives in the guest cottage. The lady of the manor seems to be haunting, mean and eerily eccentric.

    Jan experiences some paranormal events immediately after moving into the manor. For one thing, she can't see her own reflection in a bedroom mirror. Then, Jan begins to strongly sense that someone is watching her in the woods. Neither Helen nor Paul are keen about the girls spending time with Mrs. Aylwood. But, as Jan becomes more frightened and curious about who or what is in the woods, the pre-teen begins investigating, starting with Mrs. Aylwood.

    After Jan goes into Mrs. Aylwood's cottage to talk with her about the mysterious phenomena that she's noticed, the secret of the woods starts to be revealed. Although she's very reluctant to talk about it, Mrs. Aylwood tells Jan the story about her daughter's disappearance in the same woods 30 years ago.

    Here are other bits from the movie:

    The older daughter (Lynn-Holly Johnson) starts seeing weird things, like a blindfolded girl in the mirror.

    The movie is not violent and the mood is not one of overt horror but a subtle building up of tension and unease culminating in a climax in an abandoned church where an attempt is made to make contact with the long-vanished child

    YouTube has all of it in eight sections. Here's the credit sequence:

    Youtube thumbnail

    YouTube also has an alternate ending for the film. I looked at a little of it, and it seems startlingly different from the one I recall. But, you might want to check it out, too~if this is your film. It's the only one in which I could think of a blonde girl seeing another girl in the mirror (instead of herself).

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    Watcher in the Woods

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    the hidden face

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