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15 分 --- 英文email 一則

Dear XXX,

根據你個人上月的 time card report, 經常出現沒有/遺失某部份 你的出入紀錄. 請注意這直接影響你個人的 attendance record, 而你的薪金將是根據這出勤紀錄作實.

請於上班 及下班, 記緊拍咭.

如忘記攜帶或拍你的 time card , 請以email 通知我作紀錄.




ps: 想以causal 及溫和通知對方.

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    Dear XXX,

    According to your personal time card report last month, there were frequent missing of information for your in and out record. Please take note this will directly affect your attendance record, while your salary will be paid based on your attendance record.

    Therefore I would like to remind you to make use of the time recording machine when you arrive at and depart from the Company.

    If you forget to bring your time card or neglect to use time recording machine, please send me an email for my reference.

    Best Regards


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    Dear XXX,

    According to your time card report last month, missing records were frequently found. Please be informed that this would affect your attendance record and the calculation of your salary is based on your attendance record appearing in the time card report. I therefore urge you to keep good record of the time when you are on duty and off duty.

    Should you forget to bring along your time card or record your time, please notify me by email for record purpose.



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    Dear XXX,

    Refer to your time card report, we found that it is missing or haven't record a part of your personnal record, please attention this will be reported in your attendance record, and the salary are count as the participation of the time card report as our reference.

    Please remember to put your time card into the machine when you go to work and off the duty as the record.

    If the time card was forgot to bring or put in the machine, please feel free to email us as the record.

    Please feel free to contact us if you had any problem.



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