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現代音樂作品有作品版權,但傳世古典樂章如Bach, Mozart, Vivaldi等的作品的版權又誰屬?演奏者及復制者需否向版權擁有者或某些組織繳交費用?

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    版權 belongs to the publishers, whether the composer is alive or dead. When a composer publishes a piece of music, he gives the right to a publisher to publish his work, and he receives his royalties from the publisher.

    For example, when Beethoven gave Simrock the rights to publish one of his sonatas, and Beethoven received an amount of money upfront even before Simrock started to print the score. Later on he would receive a bit more money if the score was to sell well (that is, when the publisher makes a profit, covering all the costs of printing, etc.). Simrock will then retain the rights to print this sonata for x years after Beethoven died. After that any publisher is allowed to publish this sonata of Beethoven and it will not longer belong to Simrock.

    For some countries, x = 50, while others longer. For example, a 70-year period applies to all European Union countries (France, Germany, etc.), so this year (2008) any publisher is allowed to print music for composers who died in 1937 (Ravel, Vierne, Szymanowki, Widor, Gershwin, etc.). For China and Canada, x = 50, so you can start publishing your own scores for composers who died in 1957 (Sibelius, Korngold, Hofmann, etc.). All the money from the score sales will go to the publisher.

    In France, there is an association that collects money for composers called SACEM. Organizations such as this protects the privileges and rights of composers and artists.

    Ravel gave the rights to publish his music to Durand, but since the rights had expired this year, you will find new editions of Ravel in your local Tom Lee or Parsons right about now!

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    copyight唔係無限長的...因為copyright會有獨佔市場令經濟效益減少但同時要鼓勵創作兩者中間拿一個平衡 - 視乎國家法律, 通常期限會係作家死後50成70年(而家好似加長左...見參考資料)

    你講到Bach Vivaldi個年代可能無copyright呢條law添...但琴譜好似就有copyright, 因為係人地公司出版既material, 所以通常影印琴譜作商業用係犯左著作權法律的(for example教琴時影印琴譜)。

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    音樂作品ge作者死後100年,佢d作品就無所謂ge版權ga la,所以人人都可以自由咁攞黎重新編曲or做演出之用;so古典樂le d咁耐歷史ge野係個個都可以隨便用ga。當然,古典樂譜出版社係對d歌有做過重新編曲or版面編排 la,所以你買譜都要比錢ga,不過就5係比版權費,而係比印刷費、打譜費、編譜費、運費等等ge野la~haha

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