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Free girl asked in 社會與文化語言 · 1 decade ago

(英文) 緊急幫忙英文翻譯~

1. The Sarbanes-Oxley Act has so greatly increased the need for their

services that the firms are facing an epic talent shortage.

2. The intense desire to hire young graduates is prompted by the

retirement of the boomers, of course, but also the dead certainty

among eecutives that thier success marketing to youthful consumers

depends on the insights of IM-ing, YouTube-watching

twentysomethings who are often heralded for their tech savvy, if not

much else.

3. Their initiatives range from the conventional (more vacation) to the

questionable ( a faux sitcom about office life).

4. when you start out in a job, you're not going to run things.

5. New York Life doesn't know if its new approach worked, but more

than 90% of the interns said they would like to receive an offer.

6. The message board is generally full of serious questions and

enthusiastic responses. There is , however, the occasional skeptic

about the forum: "This is the lamest thing I have ever seen," wrote

one student. Black can live with that."We knew going in we would

get feedback that wasn't exactly positive," he says.

7. If the head of the selection panel, a partner at the firm, no less, had

any reservations about rap , he kept them to himself.


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  • 立屏
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    1. 薩班斯-奧克斯利法案大大的加深了這些服務的需求以至於各大公司都面臨著極為龐大的人才缺口。

    2. 人口爆炸那一代的退休當然更加深了想要僱用年青畢業生的強烈需求,但行銷經理人更加確切的認知到他們基於對年輕一代行銷的成功要歸功於對線上訊息以及線上影音的了解。二十出頭的年輕人常常是以科技上得先驅而著名;但也只有這個優點。

    3. 他們的起使行動涵蓋了相當廣的範圍,由傳統的方式(更多假期)到比較弔詭的方式(一個虛構的辦公室生活肥皂劇)

    4. 當你剛開始一份工作時,公事上一定不會給予你呼風喚雨的能力。

    5. 紐約人壽(New York Life)並不知道他們的新作法生效了,但是超過90%的實習醫生(或實習生)都表示他們希望收到這個提議。




    7. 如果受選委員會主席,至少是公司的一份子,對責難有任何意見;他都不應該表現出來。

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  • 1 decade ago

    1 。薩班斯-奧克斯利法案已大大增加,需要他們


    2 。在激烈的願望,聘請年輕的畢業生是由提示



    取決於對見解的IM英, YouTube上觀看



    3 。他們的倡議,範圍從傳統的(更多的休假)向

    疑問(一faux連續劇有關Office生活) 。

    4 。當您啟動列於一份工作,你不打算運行的東西。

    5 。新的紐約生活,不知道如果其工作的新方法,但更

    超過90 %的實習醫生說,他們希望得到的要約。

    6 。留言板一般是充滿了嚴重的問題和


    關於論壇: “這是lamest事,我所見過的,寫道: ”

    一學生。黑色可以生活。 : “我們知道走的,我們會

    得到反饋,這是不完全正面的, “他說。

    7 。如果首長遴選委員會,合夥人在公司,並沒有少,


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