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Anonymous asked in 教育與參考出國留學 · 1 decade ago

UC Riverside v.s SJSU 20pts

Right now my major is undecided, and I don't know which school I should choose. Anyone can help?

Please provide me some advice and list all the 優點 and 缺點 of both schools. Thanks!


I have one 補充 question for ...sun.

If I want to study management or business administration, which school you will recommend me? 因為兩所學校的商學院都蠻名的名的.

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    SJSU is not ranked against UC campus because it does not have PhD program by itself. UCR is ranked against other research based university. So, you are comparing orange and apple, no comparison.

    The BA program of UCR has at least one internship chance for each student in junior or senior. Chinese or Chinese-American is the largest ethnical group in the program (even more than White/Caucasian)!!

    In addition to the location disadvantage, its reputation is probably limited to a small region. I have not met anyone who graduated from UCR BA program (nowadays almost everyone gets a MBA) after living, studying, and working in SF bay area for almost 18 years.

    SJSU does not have undergraduate BA program but it has management major. Its high technology management and international business is pretty popular because of its proximity to the high tech companies in silicon valley. You will have more chance to talk to working professionals as your classmates!! And more working opportunities as many local companies managers are either SJSU alumni or studying in SJSU.

  • ay18
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    1 decade ago

    SJSU, 其他甚麼評比不說, 靠進矽谷找工作就比較容易, 據我所之, Riverside真的勢有點偏僻

  • 張輝
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    1 decade ago

    1 UCR- UC System; 南加州

    在洛杉磯 County 和Orange County 及San Diego 之間


    15 號公路北上可達 Las Vegas

    學校規模和師生人數皆不如 SJSU

    2 SJSU- Cal state system 名氣和各校平均規模比 UC system 低一級

    在北加州 位於世界第一科技重鎮矽谷 Silicon Valley

    你說得出來的國際級五百大 大公司


    走280 or 82 號公路由 SJSU 北上先經過 Stanford 再到San Francisco city,

    走880 北上可到 Berkeley

    Wish you success to make a final decision by yourself.

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