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NT$160 bil. to help local gov'ts: Ma

The China Post news staff

TAIPEI, Taiwan -- President-elect Ma Ying-jeou said yesterday he will provide a NT$160 billion subsidy for local governments that have been facing trouble getting both ends meet.

At a meeting in Kaohsiung with business leaders, Ma promised to "delegate power and money" to local governments to help them stimulate the economy. "We'll have NT$100 billion (US$3.3 billion) budgeted for subsidizing local governments," Ma said.

However, the budget may have to be compiled for next year at the earliest. In addition, Ma said, NT$30 billion (US$1 billion) will be made available to local governments to promote tourism. Still another NT$30 billion will be granted as a fund for industrial development.

Aside from pledging financial help, Ma said he will have Cabinet meetings held in Kaohsiung in the future. That will help Cabinet ministers acquire a better understanding of what is going on in southern Taiwan, which still is regarded as economically backward.

Construction of the Suao-Hualien freeway was discussed at the meeting but Ma made no commitment to get it underway. He said the plan has to be studied further as to how it would affect the natural environment.

But Ma committed himself to the establishment of more service stations using natural gas to help reduce greenhouse gas emission. Thought not a signatory to the Kyoto Protocol, Taiwan has to fulfill its requirement to reduce the level of emission to that of 2000 by 2025.

Ma was accompanied by Vincent Siew, the vice president-elect, and Cabinet ministers designate at the Kaohsiung meeting. They included Steve H.C. Hsueh, secretary-general; Chu Yun-peng, minister without portfolio; and Yiin Chii-ming, minister of economic affairs.












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    臺北, 臺灣-- Ma Ying-jeou 總統當選人說他為有是飾面麻煩得到兩個結尾集會的當地政府昨天將提供NT$160 十億補貼。在一次會議上在Kaohsiung

    與商業領袖, Ma 許諾"委派力量和金錢" 對當地政府幫助他們刺激經濟。"我們把NT$100 十億(US$3.3 十億) 對給津貼的當地政府預算," Ma 說。但是, 預算也許必須被編寫在明年最早。另外, Ma 說, NT$30 十億(US$1 十億) 將使可利用對當地政府促進旅遊業。更其它NT$30 十億將被授予作為一筆資金為工業發展。除承諾財政幫助之外, Ma 認為他把內閣會議在將來被舉行在Kaohsiung 。那將幫助內閣大臣獲取對怎麼回事的更好的理解在南臺灣, 仍然被認為經濟上落後。Suao-Hualien 高速公路的建築被談論了在會議上但Ma 沒有做承諾得到它進行中。他說計劃必須進一步被學習至於怎樣它會影響自然環境。但Ma 表達了對更多服務站的創立使用天然氣對幫助減少溫室氣體放射。認為不是簽字者對京都協議, 臺灣必須履行它的要求使放射降低的水平到那2000 年2025 年。Ma 由Vincent Siew 、副總統當選人, 和內閣大臣伴隨指定在Kaohsiung 會議上。他們包括史蒂夫・H.C. Hsueh, 秘書長; 儲・Yun

    彭, 部長沒有股份單; 並且Yiin Chii-ming, 經濟事務的部長

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