submarine movie?

whats the name of a movie about a british submarine sinking in ww2 coming back to the dock and being haunted then going back in time etc Help!!!!!!

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    Whoopee! I found it!

    Ghostboat (2006 BBC TV miniseries)

    starring David Jason, Ian Puleston-Davies, Tony Haygarth, Julian Wadham,

    IMDB synopsis:

    A British sub goes missing at the end of World War II, leaving only one crew member surviving. Everyone believes it lost to the bottom of the ocean, then 40 years later, it reappears without a crew. The British government send for the surviving crew member, now a marine biologist. With a new crew, they proceed to trace the last known happenings on the sub. But, this submarine has a life of its own, and the new crew soon start showing characteristics of the old crew.

    IMDB review: (a bit more information)

    The story is based on the novel "Ghostboat" and is about a submarine named the Scorpion that surfaces in 1981 but which hasn't been seen since WWII, when it was presumed to have sunk. Only one survivor was found, Jack Hardy (David Jason), who can't remember anything due to amnesia. When the sub resurfaces, Hardy is invited to go on a journey on the sub with another crew and retrace the path the Scorpion took to find out what happened to it.

    When they first go onto the sub to check out the damage and pull out the bodies of the dead, they find something astonishing: There are no bodies, and everything is as the crew left it 40 years ago. Nothing has changed.

    And so the journey begins. Hardy can hear voices, and things are happening in the same way they did 40 years ago. Also, the crew begins to change. As Hardy says, "The past is breaking through."

    NOTE: I would very much like to see this film! I kept wondering why I didn't remember it, then I saw that it was for the BBC. We have the BBC TV channel through cable, so maybe they'll show it someday.


    It can't be "Below". That's not at all the story of that film. It's a haunted submarine, but it does not travel through time. Also, it isn't official sunk; it's repaired and does surface near the end of the film.

    "Final Countdown" is a time travel movie, but it has nothing to do with a submarine or ghosts. The Nimitz goes through a vortex, ending up near Pearl Harbor just before the attack. So, that doesn't match in any way.

    I've never heard of "Triangle 2" and even did a search to read about it. I could find no information. There was a "Triangle" miniseries that had some time travel; they also moved through parallel existences.

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    Haunted Submarine Movie

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    a million. Das Boot 2. pink Tide 3. Hunt For pink October 4. ok-19 5. U-571 have not seen too lots of the previous ones. pink Tide became into the closest to my adventure, even nevertheless i became into on a speedy attack and not a Trident. If the Chop (furnish officer: Gandolfini) had ever screamed at me to call him sir, I probable might have achieved some brig time for guffawing in his face. The canine does not have occurred, the two. Hunt for pink October is sturdy till they attempt to guy that significant sub with only like 6 people, all in the conn. who's working the freakin' reactor plant? U-571 is my least popular. The message gave the impression to be that McConahey became right into a sturdy captain basically after he despatched a set member to his dying. no longer too cool. Keitel made a sturdy COB, nevertheless. There are some salty canines accessible like that.

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    Triangle 2

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    Sounds cool!!

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    It's a cast of no-names (at least in the U.S.), but it was written by Darren Aronofsky, the guy behind


    "Requiem for a Dream"

    "The Fountain"

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    Don't know sounds cool. who is in it ? i would like to find it

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    i think its called the final countdown

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