What's a good,useful,portable mp3 player for a skater? Ipod Nano 8gb or Zune 8gb?

I've been searching all over the web trying to find a very nice portable mp3 player and as expected, i stopped my search when i found the ipod nano (3g) 8gb and the Zune 8gb. I've been comparing them side by side but I still dont feel comfortable buying one or the other yet. When im out skating, I want something that wont get in the way and it has that comfortable portable feeling in my pocket when im riding. The nano seems fine only cuz its really small, light, and slim but doesnt have that many cool features that would interest me in buying it. On the other hand is the 8gb Zune, which is also small and portable but has that bulky, plastic feeling to it. Sure it has many features to where u trade songs with other zune user and the radio is also handy, but i need convincing on which to buy. I need something small, light, portable that can hold enough music and movies. Im not to fond with the picture viewing, i think its a waste but just need something to fit my needs and that will last

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago
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    Make sure you get one that doesnt have a harddrive. Hard drives can be ruined by exercising with them.

    OTher than that, it is just all PERSONAL prefence

  • corpe
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    3 years ago

    zune is greater effectual. I even have an ipod touch and a zune. the ipod touch is 32 gb and the zune is 30 gb. i extra a hundred and fifteen video clips on my zune and it says I even have 10 gigs left. i did no longer upload the different song, %or something. yet i extra 89 video clips to my ipod touch (the comparable video clips as my zune, i replaced into goin to delete the video clips in my zune and upload greater songs) and it says I even have 6 gigs left, no lie. so even however the two gamers hav the comparable volume of reminiscence, the zune can carry greater stufff.

  • 1 decade ago

    go for creative zen thats has the best sound quality and performence and better battery life too

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