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any ideas for painting loh e qurani?

i would like to create an oil painting of loh e qurani. any ideas?

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    interesting question...I wonder too lol. my neighbours daadi has it in her house too. I'm not sure if it's cultural or not. I mean, I donno if Arabic Muslims, Indian Muslims, Bangali Muslims etc. have the same kind of thoughts. But, if it's only cultural then I would avoid having it in my house with the Niyah and belief that it will keep my whole day happy and I will not face difficulties in my daily routine, because only Allah (swt) has control over that. Otherwise, if I had it and wanted to put it on the wall for beauty or reminder, I don't think it conflicts with Islam. After all, they are letters of Qur'an Majeed Salaamu alaikum EDIT: and as u can see I don't have any authentic sources lol, to tell the truth I don't search online for much about Islam, I would rather read it from an authentic book or something. And to actually answer ur question, I don't know for sure if it's permitted or not, I only provided you with my opinion on ur question...just for purpose of sharing a thought i guess =) and...Subhanallah lol last week I went to a khatam and they were talking about the same thing - whether or not the traditions they practice at the khatams are like bida'...I heard on a tv show called Islam 101 that practicing culture is fine, so long as it does not oppose to our religion which is Islam, so I suppose that ultimately, until u find a satisfying answer, it really depends on ur niyah, where/how the tradition started, and if u believe that u have to practice that cultural tradition if u want to gain something from Allah, without any proof of its authenticity.

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