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What do you call a truck with a refrigerator/freezer behind it?

You know, the one that bring ice from its factory to restaurants. Or the one that brings KFC chicken to its restaurant.

I felt that I need to clear my mind from this q. Been nagging in my head since year 1999, when I did my Management Accountings Report for a Cold storage food industry.

I don't know what is the term use for that truck, so I just put Refrigerator Truck. (you can laugh, its ok)

My friend got worse, his report is using "Frozen Truck" as the name of that truck.



Hope somebody from Transport Industry can help...

Sorry for the TD guys, not sure why.

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    Reefer is the truck driver slang for it. I've driven one for years. They use a Carrier or Thermoking "Reefer Unit" or refrigeration unit to maintain temperature in the trailer.

    "Frozen Truck" won't be accurate either. Neither will refrigerator truck. These units are amazingly accurate at climate control. Not only will they maintain -20 for a load of frozen ice cream or -10 for frozen chicken, but they will maintain 70 degrees to haul freight such as pharmaceuticals or hazardous materials.

    They are also used to haul live nursery products from a large nursery to say your local plant store or Lowe's. Basically anything that requires climate control will require the use of a "REEFER" truck.

    I've added some links for you to look at. ThermoKing and Carrier are the most notable manufacturers of these refrigeration units.

    LOL And now I'm looking at a few more of the answers: "Refrigerator truck" and "Frozen truck" are what the "four wheelers" call the "18 wheelers" who haul "reefer" for a living. My CB Handle is "cosmicnomad" and I'll catch ya on the flip side of my run to "Shakey Town".

    Good night all. Cosmicnomad is going to "Log some Z's". :-)

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    Refrigerator Truck

    Source(s): i also donno
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    Bonded Refrigerated Trucking

    Source(s): logistic executive
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    You actually using the right term! is called the Refrigerator Truck..but you need to know that there are 2 types of refrigerator truck which are called Freezer Truck & Chiller Truck..

    Under the frozen truck, it is commonly used for things that are required to be frozen such as Fish, Poultry & Meaty stuff, Ice Cream & etc..while the Chiller truck is used to for Fruits, Vegetables, Milk & etc..

    i hope this helps! cheers!

    Source(s): my friend is a truck dealer
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    Your refrigerator truck is ok but the correct term for that is REFRIGERATED TRUCK. That's the term used by us when I was still an ice cream salesman. That's my first job when I graduated college. We also call that a COLD STORAGE TRUCK as a common term.

    Reefer trucks are ANY large, closed vehicles used for transporting goods by land. It doesn't necessarily be refrigerated.

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    It's called a refrigerator truck, just as you wrote it.

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    Portable refrigerator

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    They are refered to as a reefer truck or refrigerator truck. I know I used to drive one!

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    Lori sampah

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    Americans call them 'Reefers'

    British call them 'Refrigerated Lorries'

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