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is firefox mozilla better than internet explorer 7?

im thinkin of downloading firefox mozilla becuz ie7 keeps saying:

Bad Request

Your browser sent a request that this server could not understand.

Size of a request header field exceeds server limit.

so, people told me mozilla was better. any suggestions

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    Let me tell you the truth. BOTH are very good.

    Don't listen to the unnecessary Firefox banter. Firefox may do a lot of neat functions, but it also has a LOT of problems. Look at this :

    A lot of common stereotypes at how Firefox is "superior" over IE and other browsers is now uncovered.

    For those who say Firefox is the safest, doesn't mean it's safe from everything. Look at Mozilla's official site :

    Those who say IE7 is "bad" has probably never used it. Firefox became popular around when IE6 was the well known one. IE7 has many great changes, and there are things I find it better at. Like :

    1. Better RSS feeds

    2. Does NOT use a lot of RAM

    3. Better tabbing capabilities

    4. Tons of add-ons

    5. Many search providers to choose from (or make!)

    6. Zooming is better. Look at this reliable blog post ( )

    7. Both browsers have very weak and strong security points :

    8. IE7's interface takes up less screen space, and is easier

    That and other reasons makes IE7 a fair browser.

    I suggest you install IE7 Pro. It's an add-on that boosts IE7 with features like spell check, Tab History, adBlocker, Download Manager, and other neat things. It's highly rated, and free to use.

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    I ♥ Mozilla Firefox! I'd never use anything else. It rarely freezes (and I mean RARELY!) and when it does you can just start back where you were. It also blocks pop-ups like nobody's business and it's extremely easy to clear your history if you ever need to. I'm not exactly a computer genus or anything but I absolutely think that Firefox is far better than Internet Explorer.

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    Well I have this friend and when I go to her house we go on the internet and she has firefox mozilla and it is good but at my house on my computer/internet I have internet explorer (IE) and really I don't find any difference you should just keep the one the computer came with thats the one that suits/works better on that particular computer....but I guess if you have errors on IE then maybe you should download firefox but as I said just remove IE from your computer and download/install it again it should work better!!

    This is the link for all the google choices of thing just click the link that you prefer for you to download the web browser...

    I found this poll/voting thingy this is what it said......

    Internet Explorer - 74.88%

    Firefox - 17.27%

    Safari - 5.70%

    Opera - 0.69%

    Netscape - 0.68%

    Mozilla - 0.59%

    Other - 0.18%

    the link is.....

    if you wanna check it out your self.....

    .................hope I helped............

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    I think it's a personal choice but I personnally prefer Firefox over IE, even if I've never had problems with IE7. I like to have both options available. You can also try Opera, it's not bad.

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    I suggest going with mozilla firefox. I discovered from my antivirus program that IE7 has a huge programming hole.

    there are 8 bits in a byte. IE7 ignores the 8th bit and only reads the first 7. there is a trojan virus crafted to exploit this vulnerability. This is why I switched to firefox.

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    yes. firefox is faster (loads pages quicker) and a lot more customisable. I recommend installing tab mix plus and ad-block plus. The latter it the most popular add-on as it blocks adds and other unwanted material on websites. tab mix plus is just really handy to have.

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    Yes, I find Firefox faster and more stable than IE

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    Personally i prefer Firefox because its really alot easier than IE for me, more acceptability. I like the tab implement in Firefox better than the bulky IE one it has.(which can probably be fixed with preferences) The bad thing about Firefox to me, is that sometimes when i try to open certain internet sites they ask for IE or wont open at all, which is when i have to switch to IE for those. Its really a personal choice, but i think IE has been like stuffed with lots of unnecessary things, where Firefox you can pretty much customize to your liking. IE does have lots of things Firefox doesn't like the email security thing.

    There are alot of fun plug-ins you can download for Firefox, like Stumble Upon. That one is like a button that takes you to random internet sites which you have a general genera selected. Like games, music and such.

    Again Firefox is my choice :)

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    firefox is awesome, it has alot more add-on's then IE7. Its faster more reliable, you can get built on popup blockers rather then with IE you have to download separate programs, and firefox Is a bit faster, with IE you have to download separate accelerators.

    It even has cool icons that you can just click to get to your Yahoo email. You can download more skins for firefox, and even better then Mac saffari.

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    I'm using it right now. Let me tell you, i'm not big fan of fancy stuff and this kicks IE's ****. I love this thing. The best thing is that you can customize it and make the way you like. You can get current weather/forcast as soon as you open the browser, your music player in the broweser ect. Go for it and download, you won't regret it.

    Source(s): Using it right now.
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