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if a black guy didnt listen to rap and mainly only listened to R&B would you think he's gay?

Like boys 2 men and marriah carrey, or blackstreet?


would it make you think he's bi becuase of it?

Update 2:

How would you think of him as after knowing that?

Update 3:

this isnt a racist question either, i just really want to know?

or just any guy period not listening to rap and listening to R&b mainly

Update 4:

what would you think about his personality

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    Why should anyone be interested in "Rap"? R & B is classic music that speaks to the heart, doesn't hurt the ears, and builds romance...why should he pic "Rap Crap" over "R & B"?

    Why wouldn't that make him anything esle than someone with a good head on his shoulders, and super smart?

    Are you any of those things because you listen to "Rap"? Are you a murderer, a gangsta. a rapist, a jerk, and or someone who cannot sing or someone with no ears left...because you listen to "Rap"?

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    He would just be a male version of me, lol. I can't stand rap either, and I'm black. I have always liked songs from all the artists that you mentioned there. Not Carey so much but I like a few from her as well. I think a person like that could be very cool and not about listening or doing things for show, just to fit in. So he would be pretty cool in my book.

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    People are individuals and all individuals like different types of music. Liking a certain genre does not make you gay or bi or anything else. The colour of your skin has no relationship to the music you enjoy listening to. Your prejudices are showing.

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    Passion , where does it says if you are black and listen to R&B a not rap makes you gay or bi? Being gay or bi is a behavior it has nothig to do with race or musical preference.

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  • Anonymous
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    No....just because a BLACK guy doesn't listen to rap don't make him any less of a man... I know a lot of very straight black men that just don't like rap because of the bad messages most of it sends...

  • Anonymous
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    NO!Just because he is black doesn't mean he has to listen to rap!Just like an Asian doesn't have to listen to oldies or whatever.He should listen to the music he likes and people shouldn't care.But there is a slim chance that he is

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    I would think he just likes that kind of music lol. I think its cool to like anything. I have friends who are gay that listen hardcore stuff so I really don't care. As long as its what he wants.

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    Music is about personality not race! If anyone thinks or says differently is very racist, sorry!

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    a persons choice of music doesnt say if theyre gay or not...everyone has a preference and maybe he just likes that music....

    i like some rock music but that doesnt make me a "rocker"

    i like some country music but that doesnt make me a "hillbilly"

    i like rap music but that doesnt make me "black"

    see where im going with this???

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    option. digital. Pop. R&B. Hip-pop. Jazz. No usa, I detest usa music. Its not something yet whining approximately relationships and including pitches on your "speaking" voice. Oh, and including an accessory.

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