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Root Canal Pain!!?

Hello, 2 days ago ive had a root canal because my tooth hurt when i drank cold water. It felt good after. When i drink water now i dont have ANY pain but if i out pressure on it it hurts a lot. For now i have temporarily paste on it. The tooth dosent hurt unless i put pressure! Is it normal even after 2 days? Is it infected


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    There is always a possibility of infection but most likely not as you are not complaining of pain that will not go away. It is common to experience discomfort during the first week after a root canal. You will more than likely still have some discomfort even after your crown. This pain will decrease as your gums recover from the root canal.

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    Mine only hurt when they were infected but that was before the root canal. I don't think that is normal but I could be wrong. They should feel like any other filling. A little sore but nothing major. When my tooth was infected the pain was horrible especially when there was pressure on it. If it is infected the longer you leave it the worse it gets. My toothache was one of the most painful things I've had and I have 3 children. Good luck and don't wait too long.

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    Your dentist will know a whole lot more than anyone here will, so, call him and set an appointment if necessary. I doubt they will charge you for a "follow-up" check-up when pain is involved. I've had a few root canals but I can't remember about the pain since it's been at least 15 years, or close to that. Call your dentist. There will be your answer, and "cure" if one is needed. God Bless you.

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    i dont know! but i have the same problem in one of my teeth that only had a cavity in it!.

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    Call and ask your dentist

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