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electric cars?

hey everybody do u think its a good idea to have electric car?and how much do they cost? are they over twenty grand?do you still have to put gas in thoes cars?

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    Electric cars are great. They're much friendlier for the environment than gas cars. Right now the best available is the ZAP Xebra:

    But there are many really nice EVs set to come out soon.

    Available in California in October 2008, the Aptera typ-1e will cost about $27,000 with a top speed of 95 mph and range of 120 miles per charge.

    Soon thereafter Aptera will introduce the typ-1h, a plug-in hybrid version of the typ-1e with a 40-60 mile range on purely electrical energy, and a range of over 600 miles total when in electric/gas hybrid mode, for around $30,000. On a 120 mile trip, the typ-1h will get 300 miles per gallon. The shorter the trip, the higher the efficiency.

    Available in 2009, the ZAP Alias will cost $30,000, have a top speed of 100 mph, and a range of 100 miles per charge.

    Soon thereafter the ZAP-X will be available at a cost of $60,000 with a top speed of 155 mph and a range of 350 miles per charge.

    Available in 2009, the Miles Javlon will cost $30,000 with a top speed of 80 mph and a range of 120 miles per charge.

    Phoenix Motorcars will start selling their SUT to individuals in 2009. It will cost $45,000 and have a top speed of 100 mph with a range of 100+ miles per charge.

    Available in 2009, the cityZENN will have a 250 mile range and 80 mph top speed. The price has not yet been set.

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    Most electric cars are basically Hybrids still, battery sources are not efficient enough for total electric cars to be completly efficient. One would have to replace a battery every 3 to 5 years and it would take a long time for the car to recharge. So the most advanced electric cars right now are plug in Hybrids. These hybrids cost well over 20 grand but the payoff is immediate in tax rebates and paying way less in gas prices. I think that having a Hybrid is a great idea.

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    yep there are many options for electric or partially electric cars out there and more every day.


    If you are charging a car with electricity made in a coal or oil fired power plant, what really have you done for the environment?

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    Man i wish i had a tesla roadster.

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