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okay why do so many people hate hollister?

i love it and people are always like why do you wear hollister it's just like your trying to be like everyone else. but really i'm just being myself cause i love hollister and i think i look good in that style clothes. do most people hate it just because it is aimed towards skinnier and pretty teens?

also, if you have worked in hollister what size clothes do you have to wear and what do they look for? i'm kinda fat (size 5, medium) and want to work there but don't think they would hire me?

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    idk really i luv hollister i guess ppl dont like becuz

    1. some ppl cant afford it

    2. they think its aimed towards skinnier ppl

    3. They think hollister is racsist because of there service towards different ethnicities

    4. They really just think the clothes is lame

    5. the "I dont wanna be a walking billboard" thing.

    really i think it's stupid for ppl to pick on hollister, if you dont like the clothes ALL RIGHT dont wear it big deal. you dont have to make fun of the brand, it's just plain stupid. HOLLISTER RULES!!!!!!!!! <3

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    ... well some people think girls who shop at hollister think that they are stuck up and snobby - and brag about it(not me)

    ... i myself use to shop at hollister, but not anymore i go to f21, ws etc

    ... and first of all, they run small its not because there aimed towards skinnier people, i fit into hollister but i dont want to follow EVERYONE else...who wants to be a walking billbord?

    plus they are over priced and not the best quality

    and to work in hollister you have to wear there clothing ... so aslong as you fit in it you are fine.

    size 5 - fat?! are you crazy??

    size 5 - not fat, so i guess im a f-in beast then?

    and to be honest - people like you are why some others hate girls who dress in hollister...

    thank you and have a nice day

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    I dont like Hollister, because I like being unique, i have my own style. But going to Hollister IS being a Hollister clone. I'm sorry, but thats straight forward. I think that Hollister is dumb, and the many people who go there are clones....ALSO....its WAAAAAAAY over priced.

    I can get a shirt and pants, AND shoes at Target for the same price as one shirt at Hollister.

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    hollister and abercrombie and fitch have no originality in their clothes, thats why i don't like them and will probably never shop in their stores. All their shirts say is hollister or abercrombie in various formats. unlike pacsun with different types of artwork on each shirt

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    Hollister is the **** and dont matter what everybody else say =]]

    Buy Hollister on ebay because its cheap pricing there.

    God Bless

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    i think hollister is really cool!!! i don't really buy the shirts that say teh name on it but i like almost every thing else. I mean if you get some of the other shirts that don;t say the hollister thing on it i can just mack it with some other stuff soo yeah. Idk why people don't hollister, but that son't mean u don;t have do go with them.Sooo . . yeah

    Source(s): me!! lol
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    Personally I do not like Hollister because it does not match my personal style I think it depends on the person and what he/she likes.

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    Size 5 is not fat, unless you are really short.

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    Well for one your not fat.

    Two. They hire all people.

    I have seen WAY bigger girls working there tahn you.

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    your not fat... trust me.... and most girls that dont like it either cant afford it (no offense) or cant fit in it... but they shouldnt be hatin cuz i dont like their walmart shirts either

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