Which is a better bike?


and how many gears is this one?



I'm looking for a bike to ride somewhat long distances. Something good enough for a 300 mile ride. I'm not a complete serious rider but do enjoy riding about every other night Thanks!

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  • 1 decade ago
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    The Grand Record is the better bike. It has a better component group eventhough both are 27 speeds.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Check this website -


    They sell the same (and more options) bikes I beleive

    They are owned by the same company as Motobecane use & Botecchia USA bikes also on Ebay.

    Some are only sold on ebay....that's just ho they do it.

    I you want a place you can call and ask questions - look up www.cyclespectrum.com store in Houston on 1960 - I beleive they will answer questions about those bikes -

    Cycle spectrum and bikesdirect.com share some of the same owners and staff.

    My wife has a Windsor Willow from them. It was really inexpensive and worth what we paid.

    They also sell mercier road bikes - Ahhh ....steel.

    If you have not riden a steel road bike.....you should check it out....before you make a decision.

    a smoother ride kinda like carbon - but not as expensive and steel is indestructible.

    and check out bikes at


    they have local stores in some cities too.

    If you are not ridiing in a pack or with a team / pace line - Add clip on aero bars.....for our 300 mile ride - you will be glad you did. in a pace line they can get you a broken collar bone if you are not very experienced.

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  • 1 decade ago

    enjoy the moment...comfort is key to the 300 miler...go alluminum

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