New York Jets?

How far do you guys see them going this year? I thought they had a pretty good draft getting a playmaker on Defense (Gholston) as well as in Offense (Keller). What do you think they're record will be and how would you grade their Draft?

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    With all the additions by Tangini (Tannenbaum and Mangini) this offseason and also the draft picks they picked up I honestly think the JETS have a very good chance to go 8-8 and possibly 9-7....we now have a solid O-Line to let Thomas Jones and Leon Washington run the rock...we have a threat in the middle with Keller and we have solid play by Coles and Cotchery our offense will finally be able to score points...our Defense has completly been rehashed and we will finally have a pass rush and with our Secondary remaining solid for the most part....If the JETS are below .500 then this season is a bust...but I honestly think the JETS won't have a losing record and if things fall into place we may also try to make a Wild Card run...if we fall short it will still be a success but 4-12 is Unacceptable in 2008-2009 but I see the JETS making big strides after this past weekend in the Draft and in the FA market....Aim High GO JETS!!!!!

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    I didn't like Keller in the first round, but if he's as talented as they say, then the Jets got wut they wanted, a 3rd option in the passing game.

    And I like how everyone is bashing Gholston, "he got by on talent", last I checked, you have to be pretty talented to be drafted at #6. Most defensive ends come into the league on raw talent and develop moves later on. If he develops those moves and becomes better as an outside linebacker, he'll be a monster.

    The jets won't make the playoffs, but they'll win 3 more games than last year.

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    5-11 or 6-10. They did good drafting Vernon Gholston so their grade would probably be a B or B-

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    They need a year for their rookies to freshen up. Gholston, all he has is pure talent and that's not enough in the NFL. Ainge will get some playing time and keller will freshen up as I said. This year will be a remake year.

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    i think they would have had a shot at making the playoffs if they would have been able to draft Darren McFadden but now i see them winning about 6 or 7 is the NFL though and there are always surprise teams so there is still hope for all you Jets fans

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    Record 5-11

    Gholston got by on College by talent alone not technique. WIll not be has easy in the NFL. And he is known for taking entire GAMES off.

    Keller will not make the offense much better. They still have know QB or RB.

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