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How can I treat urinary tract infection or bladder infection besides antibiotics?

I'm not sure if there is a difference between bladder infection and urinary tract infection. Anyways within the last year I had bladder infection three times now. Last time I got it was 3 weeks ago and now I have it again just because I had intercourse. I know intercourse is a cause of it perhaps but I went 3 weeks without it and I want intercourse to be in my life. Also I'm on birth control which I'm not sure if that makes a difference but now that I think of it I remember my doctor saying that it was strongly recommended that I take vitamin pills with birth control.

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    Depending on how severe it is, it can be very difficult to *treat* a bladder infection without antibiotics, but it is definitely preventable! As one of the other answerers already said, make sure you urinate after sex. It helps to go beforehand too, but DEFINITELY go afterwards. Also, cranberry juice is good, make sure it is not "cranberry juice cocktail" but the unsweetened 100% juice variety. If you can't stand the taste, they make cranberry pills (like CranAssure) that you can take once a day. It also helps to have the right amount of vitamin C in your system. Some kinds of Birth Control can effect how your body absorbs vitamins like C and B, so a once-a-day multivite might not be a bad idea.

    Also just make sure you drink plenty of plain water or herbal teas to keep your urinary tract moving. (The caramel colour in sodas, as well as caffeine are bladder irritants, so they can make the symptoms of a UTI worse. Water, 100% juices, and clearish teas are best.)

    I hate to say it but if they become too chronic, your doc might tell you to take a low-dose antibiotic right after intercourse every time. I would talk to her about the options you have if you keep getting them.

    Good luck!

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    Great responses. Pee before and after sex. Cranberry juice. Both of you washing before sex. Other good suggestions.

    But yes, if you do already have an infection again, get it checked out by a doctor or nurse practitioner. Are you taking the antibiotics for the full time period? If not, it could be the same infection. Follow the directions. You may have a urinary tract infection....a second sexually transmitted problem could co exist. Also, when you are on antibiotic therapy...check with your doctor. This could affect your birth control method and you could end up pregnant in some cases. Take care, you may need to use other birth control methods during that period.

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    There is a difference between urinary tract infection and bladder infection. Bladder infection is the less serious of the two. If you ignore and do not treat it, it soon becomes urinary tract infection, which means, quite simply, infection throughout the urinary tract. If you leave THAT alone and do not treat it, it rapidly becomes kidney infection or nephritis. And, that, my dear is VERY serious. The only good thing about bladder and urinary tract infections is that you can NOT ignore them. The discomfort, cramping, burning, and itching will drive you to the doctor.

    There is NOTHING else that will cure a bladder infection other than antibiotics. You can drink all the cranberry juice in the world and it won't help.

    Just go to the doctor and get some antibiotics. And I seriously doubt that intercourse is the cause of your UTI. There is a condition called "honeymoon cystitis" but that usually only occurs when you first become sexually active.

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    Yes, just as others have said, make sure to urinate after sex! Also you can clean yourself with a baby wipe or with a feminie cleanser before and after sex to make sure that there is no bacteria lingering in the area. You can even make your partner wash off as well...not just the penis, but the area around as well... wherever might come into contact with you. Another really important thing to do is to stay extremely hydrated and never hold your pee. The more urine you flush out of your system the cleaner your system stays. Also, they sell cranberry extracts at most health stores (cvs, walmart etc.) its in the vitamin/supplement section. I'd reccomend making this part of your daily routine. It is made to support urinary health. Drinking cranberry juice can help also but make sure that it is 100% juice and not just crandberry flavoring. Vitamin C supplements can also help by increasing the acidity of your urine. Other things to avoid would be avoiding takign baths, and make sure you wipe front to back, not back to front. Also, make sure your underwear all have a cotton crotch area... other materials can harbor to much moisture which can be a breading ground for the bacteria.

    but, also keep in mind that there are many other conditions that have symptoms similar to a UTI and you want to make sure that you rule those out. chlamydia, gonnorhea, and ureaplasma/mycoplasma can all present themseles with the same burnign urination symptoms.

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    I agree with some of the other posts... urinate before and after sex. It really does help. Make sure you drink plenty of cranberry juice (it makes the urine too acidic for the bacteria to survive) and water. Use the restroom as soon as you feel the urge (if you hold it, the bacteria have more of a chance to latch on).

    All of these are preventative, though. If you already have an infection, you have to get antibiotics to clear it up.

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    Make sure that you always urinate right before and after sex. This will help flush any pesky bacteria that may have made their way in there during intercourse. Have you tried cranberry juice? It really has been proven to work, especially when you suffer repeat infections. It contains properties that make your bladder walls slick so it is very difficult for bacteria to stick. Drink up!

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    Negative. You can alleviate the symptoms but you need the antibiotic to kill the bacteria in your urinary tract. Going without an antibiotic can give you a kidney infection.

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    Drink plenty of water and cranberry juice. You should also urinate before and after intercourse. Also change you panties regularly if they get moist, dry panties keep your vagina clean and infection free, including a UTI.

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    To my understanding if you actually have an infection the only solution is antibiotics. but you can drink cranberry juice to help prevent it and absolutely pee after sex (it works) there is also azo standard otc to help with pain

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