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Motorcycle license but no motorcycle?

i'm getting a motorcycle license just for the fun of getting one in case i ever decide to get a motorcycle.

Once I get a motorcycle license, does it stay active forever even if you don't actively ride all the time (or own a bike)?

I just don't have the $$$ for one right now and i live in an apartment...... oh one more question...........

how would I store a motorcycle in an apartment if I got one? they get stolen easily huh?

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    Hey, I think it depends on the state you live in...I just got my first bike & the state of Fla gives you a temp license good for 3 can take a class & get your license through the class you take. I keep my bike outside & the front forks can be in a lock position, just like the steering wheel of your car. Good luck when you get your bike!

    RIDE ON!!!!!

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    I would honestly recommend getting your license before you actually get a bike. Your insurance rates will be lower once you finally do get a bike than if you had just gotten your license the day before. In addition this will allow you to test ride different bikes once you are actually ready to buy one. About storing your bike in an apt, I actually had an apartment that offered storage space in the basement which I stored my motorcycle in for a while. It worked, but was extremely difficult to get back out.

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    The motorcycle lic. is good forever, as long as you re-new it every year, it's not suspended, or has been revoked for a medical reason. If you move though the new issuing authority may require you to be retested in their area.

    Storing a bike in an apartment?? Well I'd suggest living on a ground floor , with easy access to your front or rear door, no steps. Put it in neutral, wheel it in. Hopefully have an understanding wife/girlfriend/boyfriend if you're not alone, and probably put a drop cloth on the floor under the casing.

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    it depends where you live. im 18 and live in california and all you have to do to get your liscence is pass a written test and take a safety coarse which is only one weekend long and costs $150 for under 21 and 250 if your over 21 (no driving test required). the safety coarse helps big time with insurance rates and being that your still young insurence will be high(the fact that it is an older bike will help but the high cc's 750 will also affect the price). Joining a training program is you best option because they teach you how to swerve and get out of dangerous situatuions which you will see VERY often(especially with drivers talking on there cell phones). Training Coarse will save your life.. and yes a honda is a good bike to learn on.

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    As long as your drivers license is active, your motorcycle license is active. You don't store one in an apartment. You park it, legally. Yes, they get stolen quite often when left outside regularly. Happened to me.

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    You will always have your motorcycle license if you have a car license unless it gets suspended.

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