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who will win the NFC south??

panthers had an amazing draft.

i say





explain your answer

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    I think that the entire NFC South improved this weekend. In my opinion, I have to go with the Carolina Panthers, and it's not only because of this weekend.

    First of all, they've just added to an already stacked offensive line. I see it playing out as followed:

    LT- Jordan Gross

    LG- Travelle Wharton

    C- Ryan Kalil

    RG- Kendrick Vincent

    RT- Jeff Otah

    Secondly, they've just made the running game reminiscent to the Panthers of 2003. They have a speedy back in DeAngelo Williams, and a north-south back in Jonathan Stewart as a change of pace. IT could be better because they'll be younger than the Davis/Foster combo.

    Third of all, the receiving group is more than Steve Smith only this season. They added DJ Hackett, who if healthy, can be an absolute stud, and they welcomed back Muhsin Muhammed as a slot receiver. The jury is still out on Dwayne Jarrett, who can possibly live up to his potential if he makes football a priority.

    And finally on offense, Jake Delhomme is reportedly passing the football very well. If anything, the surgery strengthened his arm. It'll be great to have him on the team again. His fiery personality is what led the Panthers to Super Bowl 38 in the first place. Remember when he stepped in for Rodney Peete after halftime in Week 1 in 2003? After seeing his intensity, I knew they'd beat Jacksonville. If it doesn't work out, Matt Moore was impressive at the end of 2007. He didn't look stellar, but he was limited on making mistakes. that will be adequate for this powerhouse offense.

    On defense, This team is amazing. I must say, I'll be tremendously disappointed if they don't look to add a veteran DT such as Rod Coleman or Grady Jackson through free agency (Kemoeatu and Lewis don't cut it). This team failed to address this need adequately and only drafted Hayden and Taylor as an insurance policy to their starters. If Tyler Brayton lives up to his 1st round potential, then he'll do fine as a complement to Julius Peppers at DE. Don't forget that he was misused in Oakland.

    The Linebackers are going to be incredible as well. They have enough talent to have a 3-4 defense this season. Not only do they have the likes of Beason, Davis, Diggs, and Johnson in Carolina; but now they got a steal with Dan Connor. A lot of analysts compared him to Dan Morgan. If that's the case, a healthy Dan Connor will be a fixture on this defense for years to come. Can you imagine Thomas Davis, Jon Beason, and Dan Connor all starting? That rivals the days when they had Sam Mills, Kevin Greene, and Lamar Lathon.

    Finally, the secondary got a huge boost this morning. The Panthers took Charles Godfrey at #67 overall. He's projected to play along side on Chris "well worth a 4th round pick this year" Harris. If that doesn't work, Terrance Holt was signed recently to fill in that spot. Don't forget the CBs either. Lucas, Gamble, and Marshall will all compete for the 2 starting positions, and they're all Pro Bowl caliber players.

    Hats off to the Hurney/Fox gang this weekend. I'm sad to see the first round pick go to the Eagles this season, but with this roster it's ok. I think Carolina's now good enough to give away the 32nd pick in 2009 to Philly. I hope it does work out, because John Fox is one of my favorite coaches in the NFL. Carolina fans forget that he's done wonders for the team. Don't forget how painful 2001 was. If they are fired, then I hope they'll hire Bill Cowher. Either way, GO PANTHERS!!!

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    despite the Panther's successful draft, I think the Bucs or Saints will shine in this year's season and the panthers and falcons will have a repeat of last year. As another user said draft picks won't have an immediate impact on a team. The Bucs are just clicking now Jeff Garcia is in a groove, Cadillac Williams will dominate but might lose some important games to the Saints who have fulfilled their off-season dreams by filling their defensive holes. The Falcons, although drafting a decent QB, will struggle again seeing that they haven't made much process through the off-season.

    1. Saints

    2. Bucs

    3. Panthers

    4. Falcons

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    definitely not the falcons - no explanation should be necessary, but here goes. the team has far too many problem area to address, not to mention 3rd round pick matt ryan will not start this season. they will most likely repeat the 4-12 finish from last season.

    the bucs won the division with by a measly 2 games over the panthers and saints, no doubt due to going 5-1 in the division. that will no doubt change this year, as the bucs did little to clarify that mumbled QB situation (garcia wasnt spectacular last year, and he's not getting any younger). plus they didnt draft very well this year.

    the panthers had a great draft, but delhomme is just as injury prone as ever. if he goes down, so does their season. not to mention steve smith is still their only standout WR. double him, and who does jake have to throw to?

    the saints added so much to their defense this offseason, plus grabbed ellis in the draft who will no doubt provide an immediate impact. adding randall gay and aaron glenn in our secondary should sow up those holes which plagued us for the past two seasons.

    the saints win the division easily this year.

    1. saints

    2. bucs

    3. panthers

    4. falcons

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    This branch would be nasty returned this 365 days. Any of the 4 communities could make the playoffs and a minimum of two will. My prediction is that Carolina wins the branch. they have an excellent protection and a stable offence. they have a lot of intensity at basically approximately each and every place and might play with the aid of injuries. Fox could have them waiting to flow at week a million as they should have gained all of it final 365 days yet stumbled interior the playoffs. Tampa Bay will end 2d and earn a wild card spot. Their defence continues to be between the terrific and that they've the nucleus on offence to win many video games. they'll warfare slightly early interior the season, yet as quickly as Sims nicely-knownshows his groove they are going to be a very confusing group to conquer. Atlanta will end third yet till Vick can tips about a thank you to bypass the ball constantly, they'll proceed to warfare. The defence has some holes besides and the group ought to finally finally end up around .500. New Orleans is a wild card. If Brees and McAllister are healthful, then this offence may be a nightmare with Horn, Stallworth and ROY Bush. The defence is rather decent, yet spent a lot time on the sector final 365 days that the constantly wore down interior the 2d 0.5. i think of that they'll spend many of the season gaining understanding of a thank you to maximise their RBs and enhance the courting between Brees and the WRs. next 365 days, this group ought to flow to the Bowl...

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    Drafted don't instantly produce so don't expect great things from the panthers. I would say the bucs as they won last year and are pretty much the same team, of the saints depending on which team shows up, the nfc runner ups or last years. They have a great offence though

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    1st Saints- they won (i think) in '06, and with the team healthy, Payton looks like he might get a winning season.

    2nd Bucs- unless Garcia has a off year, they should be a shoe-in

    3rd im gonna jump and say Falcons. Matt Ryans a beast!

    4th Panthers i didnt see their draft :D

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    New Orleans Saints

    they should bounce back this year. they had a solid off season thus far. they worked hard on their defense. as long as they don't get into a slouch (0-4 record), they should win the NFC South.

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    I agree, the Panthers had a great draft, which will cover their very few weaknesses of last season.

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    Panthers. It is about time for them to get things going again.

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    Delhomme, is back. Steve Smith, will be back on His game and, I expect Julius Peppers, will have a great season.

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