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My sister- in-law licked my baby?

We had my wife's sister over for dinner, we have just had a baby boy 2 months ago. immediatly after she came through the door she pulled our son out of my wife's hands and began to observe him. Laughing and talking baby talk and stuff. She was squeezing his cheeks and then she said "What a cute baby!" right after she said that she took her tounge and licked my son. The right up the entire right side of his face and she stuck her tounge in his ear and licked around and then she pushed him back into my wife's arm and said, "What a precious child, okay so what are we eating" now i was very confused but my wife acted like nothing happened. Then in the middle of dinner she stops and says, "can i change the baby?" and i said he didn't need to be changed right now, she frowned and then asked, "Where do you keep his poo?" and she was serious. I told her we don't keep it and when she left after dinner i hear her saying when she gets to her car, "Will mommy's radich miss me?"and then she left


My sister in law always seemed not as bright as my wife but nothing like this. My wife is acting like it is normal for people to act like this. What do i do, i don't want her near my kid or my family. I think she's crazy. Always two summers ago, when we were having a barbecue my wife's mom made lemonade. And her uncles said, "this doesn't have the right kick to it" and then my siser in law runs up to it and kicks the bowl and it smashes against the fence. She acting like she was buffy the vampire slayer or Zena warrior. And then she farted on purpose and said, "was that enough kick?" Everyone was stunned. What am i dealing here? Should i ban her from my home?

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    She sounds crazy to me too. Has she ever been evaluated? Your wife could be in denial about this behavoir, but I would definitely NOT leave this sister alone with the baby for a second.

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    WOW..and I thought MY sister in law was bad! Jeez!..Banning her from your house (or even suggesting it) might not sit well with your wife However I think you guys need to have a talk with her because something is quite not right with her and it may be the family secret since her behavior seems to be ignored. I think you should DEFINITELY keep your baby under careful watch when she is around. A 2 month old baby does not have the resitance to fight off colds and germs that often result of too many people kissing or holding the baby. That is your son too, so speak out if someone handles your baby in an way that makes you feel uncomfortable. I wish you the best and congratulations.

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    All I can say is WOW! I know my family can be odd sometimes but they've never gone to that extreme. I don't think you could "ban her from the house" unless it was agreed to by your wife ... I would definitely bring up your concerns to her. But definitely limitting family get-together's shouldn't be too much of an issue, especially if your family is fairly close by (like two or three hours away so you have an excuse to be gone all day during those events). You could do like my husband does and express that you don't like company at your house in general. He even goes so far as to stand in the doorway instead of inviting someone in (even his own family), so needless to say, over time we've gotten fewer and fewer visitors and hardly any drop-ins. You could always make a big production (should she be calous enough to do the licking thing again) about grabbing a baby wipe and cleaning him from head to toe afterwards. Normally I would suggest that you try to talk to her, but she doesn't sound like much of a reasonable person from your description.

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    This is an odd story! The first thing that I would do is talk to your wife about the way your sis in law behaves. It would be best if your wife tells her instead of you telling her. (because they are sisters and sisters understand each other better). You don't want your child to be licked because that's down right disrespectful. If your wife doesn't handle the situation and confronts her sister, I believe that it should be your time to step in after all this is your child too and you are the parent. Tell her that you don't like it when she licks your baby and you would like her to stop. Tell her in a nice way. Also tell her that you and your wife prefer your baby to not be treated in that manner. Tell her even though licking is her way of affection, you and your wife prefer her to show her affection in a decent manner. Please tell me how this goes. I know you that because your sis in law freaked you out so much, you'd rather not have her around your baby so much but because she is family, it would be wrong.

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    Do not leave her alone with your baby boy - not when he is older either! Sounds really bizarre to me.

    My husband's Auntie has schizophrenia and can be quite strange sometimes, we have two young children and do not let them out of our sight when she is with them.

    I don't think banning her from the house will help - it could make things worse, especially if she is jealous of the baby - just limit the visits and put up with her only when you really have to.

    Maybe you should ask your wife about her, just say you thought the licking thing was quite unacceptable. Keep your windows & doors locked at night - all sounds a bit scary to me.

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    It sounds like she has some mental issues, either retardation or psychological problems) I would say absolutely never leave her alone with your son she is obviously prone to outbursts (per your example at the BBQ) and could harm your son. As far as banning her from your house that is something you need to discuss with your wife. Have you and your wife ever discussed her sister? If not you may want to ask her if she is aware of what is wrong with her sister. (in a nice way ofcourse)

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    It sounds like she's someone who wants all the attention all the time and will do whatever it takes to get it, the crazier, the better. I wouldn't let her get too close to the baby because you don't know what she will do next. Maybe she has poor impulse control. Your wife won't say anything bad about her sister. She's probably more used to her zaniness than you are.She may also be insanely jealous of her sister with the new baby if she doesn't have one.

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    I don't like that at all!! If you are uncomfortable, talk to your wife about it. You have a say so on how you feel as a parent. Sister or not, I'd be like what the hell!!! But tell her the licking, it's gotta go.

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    just make excuses and avoid letting her come near ur baby

    when she wants to visit, say that u have plans for that weekend or something until, ur baby grows up and you feel comfortable around her

    it is possible that she might be crazy i mean the lemonade thing was really wierd, you might want to ask ur wife since she acted like it was normal ask casually about her sister, and maybe you can get some information about her

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    Aww, I hate banning from houses! I guess you could recomend some kind of docter if you think she's crazy but people just do wierd things. My mom used to bite my brother for some reason and my dad said "Its how she shows her love". Try locking yourself in a room with her and ask what her freakin problem is. But yeah you could be thinking about this too much.

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