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Music \M/ (*_*) \M/ :) :( XD T-T?

Hey everyone, im into eh ALL music (with the exception of talking) im looking for well everything. rap pop modern rock punk jazz classic oldies 60's 70's R&B rega u name it. Actually that's just what id like you to do. Add the names of your fav bands and songs, heck anywhere between 1-infinite. I am thankful for any music. Ill give the points to the main comtributer (which ever songs i like best)but i would like a pretty honest list, in other words, i want YOUR oppinion not MTV's or VH1's or heck anywhere else. Oh it says to add details, well im a bit of everything so it shouldnt be to hard to find excellent music ;) also THX i have quiet a list but im sure YOUR music isnt on it YET

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    ↑↓OK so here are the songs I like I hope this helps and I hop you like them.

    Heartbeat by Kaskade

    80's Music:


    KWS-please don't go

    the whispers/rock steady

    a-ha/take on me

    bonnie Tyler/turn around bright eyes

    George Micheal/i want your sex

    kool and the gang/cherish the love

    the go-go's/vacation

    Timex social club/rumors

    tone loc/funky cold Medina

    vanilla ice/ice ice baby and havin' a roni

    bob Marley/red red wine

    soave/crying over you

    tka/sending all my love

    the clash/rock the casbah

    jj fad/we like the cars that go boom

    movie theme/take my breath away

    mr.big/i'm the one who wants to be with you

    motley crue/smoking in the boys room

    Stevie wonder/i just called to say i love you

    taco/puttin' on the Ritz

    cover girls/because of you

    Lionel Richie/all night long

    pm dawn/I'd die without you

    Millie vanillie/girl you know it's true

    Nina/99 red balloons


    baby face/cupid

    Aaliyah/if your girl only knew

    ABBA/dancing queen

    ac-dc/big b@lls

    Alexia/oh la la la

    Alexia/number one


    Alice deejay/better of alone

    Alicia keys/no one

    Alla pugacheva(Russian pop)/pozovi menia s soboi

    Afro man/because i got high

    forgot who made it/hamster dance

    SWV/always on my mind

    amber/this is your night

    an American tail-Fievel/somewhere out there

    April wine/i don't wanna lose your love tonight

    ATB/9pm til I come


    atb/sunset girl

    atb/you're not alone

    Avril lavigne/I'm with you

    Avril lavigne/i miss you

    Avril lavigne/my happy ending

    baby bash/na na(the yummy song)

    bad boys blue/be my lady

    bad boys blue hungry for love

    bangles/manic Monday

    Billie/because we want to

    Billie/i know that she wants you

    crowded hose/hey now hey now

    big tymers/still fly

    biggie smalls/juicy billy ocean/there'll be sad songs

    Paul oakenfold/hypnotize

    Blake Lewis/how many words

    blu Cantrell/breathe

    Brenda k. star/i still believe

    Brittney spears/gimme more

    Brittney spears/toxic

    buggles/video killed the radio star

    busta rhymes/put your hands where my eyes can see

    cascada or Maggie Reilly/every time we touch

    chamillionaire/ridin' dirty

    Robert miles/children(dream version)

    ciara feat Missy Elliot/1 2 step

    concrete blond/joey

    cover girls/I'm hooked on you

    cover girls/show me show me you really love me

    Craig Davis/7 days

    cupids choke hold/take a look at my girlfriend


    darude vs Robert mile/children of the sandstorm

    David bowie/underground

    dht/listen to your heart

    Dino/summer girls

    LEONA LEWIS/BLEEDING LOVE (my favorite song)

    DJ Sammy/castles in the sky and heaven

    dmx/ruff riders anthem

    cover girls/don't stop now

    Eamon/Fu*k it I don't want you back

    Edwin Collins/never met a girl like you before

    Robert miles/fable (dream and message version)

    fergie/big girls don't cry,glamorous,clumsy

    Natalie/going crazy (another favorite)

    hoobastank/the reason

    icy blu or icy blue/I wanna be your girl (favorite)

    Jessica Simpson/i wanna love you forever

    johnny-o/fantasy girl


    Judy Torres/first true love

    Justin timberlake/love stones,summer love,rock your body

    KYLIE MINOGUE/LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT(FAVE) and can't get you outta my head

    Lil Wayne's/APOLOGIZE (FAVE)

    ludicrous ft. Mary j blige/runaway love

    mariah Carey/hero,fantasy,i can't live,we belong together

    maroon 5/won't go home without you

    neo/so sick of love songs

    niche/all about the money

    nivea/don't mess with my man

    no doubt,don't speak and I'm just a girl

    Robert miles/one and one

    outkast/ms.Jackson and Caroline

    plain white T's/hey there Delilah

    prodigy/smack my bit*h up and fire starter

    rammstein/Du hast mish

    R.E.M./shiny happy people(my 2yr old daughters favorite song)


    Robyn/show me love

    Sade/and i miss you

    scat man john/scat man

    silk e fine/romeo and Juliet

    Stevie b/broken hearted,I'll be loving you,wanna be the one

    sweet sensation/love child,I'm hooked on you


    t.a.t.u/all the things you said + all the others they made

    ATC/around the world la la la la la

    Teena Marie/lover girl

    the cardigans/love fool


    t-pain/apple bottom jeans(can't really stand this one)

    train/meet Virginia

    trapt/head Strong

    uncle kracker/follow me

    usher/you got it bad

    usher feat Lil john/yeah

    pet shop boys/west end girls

    will i am/got it from my mama

    Wilson Phillips/someday(my song to myself)

    weird AL yankovich/weenie in a bottle,another one rides the bus

    Source(s): it took me A LOOOOOOOOONG time to list these songs I hope you enjoy
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